REIQ Summit 2015 – It’s a wrap!

Simone Ryan was brave enough to take up the challenge to be our guest reporter at the 2015 REIQ Summit. Here are her top 12 takeaways from the event.

When an opportunity arises, take it I say. If you can help someone then do it, I say. So when I saw a Social Media post asking for help in return for a ticket to the REIQ Summit, I was excited, nervous and unsure all at once, but I was in 100%. It was great to have been given the opportunity to learn and report on my top 12 takeaways from the event, and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

  1. E.A.R. Empathy Attention Respect. As important as lending an ear is in business, sales and life in general, so is understanding the acronym, something Dr Anne Purcell loves. We come across many personality types in this industry, and it goes without saying, that you will be pushed, stretched, tested and at your wits end. You could easily erupt, regretting it later, or, you can adopt and practice the EAR technique. Dr Purcell explained that you must learn the art of empathy. No sympathy or buying into what they are saying, empathy (E). Pay attention (A) to what other people are trying to say, and then last but not least, respect (R) the person. Yes, this may be difficult if a client or contract party is irrational and out of control, but necessary to ensure an outcome that doesn’t escalate and comes to a resolution. When in doubt ask a question. If this is the only thing, you remember in a tense situation, it’s a good one. Dr Purcell recommends reading ‘Getting To Yes’ a book that we could all use in our careers.
  2. Charisma (def) ‘compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others’. We all want our clients to like, trust and feel comfortable taking our professional advice right? How do we achieve this in a somewhat competitive industry? Maree Clancy has been a body language specialist for 10+ years. She is passionate about communication and goes on to explain the three steps to achieving the ideal of charisma.
    Be Present, and be clearly present. You are probably thinking – well if they can see or sense I am there at the meeting, then I am clearly present right? Wrong. Being present means being fully engaged, attentive and involved.
    Warm, but not like bread rolls. Exude warmth. Your kindness, your friendliness and general compassion and connection with people will set you apart.
    Competence. You need to be knowledgable and competent in your profession for clients to entrust their property/business with you.
  3. Acceptance. I forgot to wear waterproof mascara, but this certainly was not something I focussed on during Matthew Ames speech. I was mesmerised during Matthew’s story and took me a while to absorb all that he had to share. In case you don’t know Matthew’s story, he was 39 years old when what started as a sore throat resulted in the loss of all four of his limbs. He had contracted streptococcal resulting in toxic shock and was never expected to survive. Now a year later Matthew has beaten the odds, spurred on by the fact that he is the father of four young children aged between two and nine and husband of a very dedicated wife determined to grow old with him. Matthew shared with us how he trained his mind to let go of unhelpful thoughts. As soon as he started saying to himself something of a negative nature about any situation he was facing, he would say to himself “Matt this is not helping, let it go.” I thought great, I need to practice this one. We all get so caught up in slipping into negativity whether it is ‘woe’ is me, comparing with others, life ‘sucks’ and so on. Remembering my panda eyes that I had now lost all concern about as Matthew said, “You need to let yourself experience emotions. It’s ok to be sad, happy, excited, but you need to experience those things rather than bottle it up and explode”. It’s good advice to deal with those things too.
  4. Purpose. Your goals can’t be set by other people. Only you. So true. I refuse to set goals for my team as it is personal. Why should I impose on them what I feel is a goal? When things get tough for you, only your ‘why’ will matter. Matt was so clear on his why, which he was not always, but once he found his why, then he found his purpose. A good opportunity for everyone to ask themselves ‘why’?
  5. Modern Marketing. To say I am passionate about marketing is an understatement. My Moneybags business prides itself on marketing, and I think I found a new mentor, Lee Woodward. I wanted to absorb all his tips and take notes as I connected straight away with his concept of ‘Modern Marketing’. As agents in sales it is our job for our vendors to profit from our knowledge and expertise, right? Hell yes. Provide value to your vendors with clear, concise examples. Lee showed various examples of booklets, hard copy and soft copy (online) that his clients use with their clients to demonstrate what the process looks like, a timeline of events, what each party will do, how you will achieve results, evidence of results and answer all those questions that are commonly asked. Get yourself a marketing framework and adopt it in your business or team and be prepared. While this may take time to put together, in the long run, will be well worth it.
  6. Work Life Balance? When I say Mark Bouris is my idol my husband gets all jealous, but he gets why. As a fellow finance specialist in broking, Mark’s business ethics resonate with me. He says it is an honor to work. I get it. He also claims that “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. It’s ‘b____****’” he says! Telling it as it is – I love it! You choose the industry, and the industry chooses the work-life balance. There’s no fast way to success – you’ve got to put in the hours. He shares a personal story about his late friend who had to succumb to illness and sadly passed, which is where he came to the conclusion that, ‘It is indeed an honour to work’. He is right. It’s an honour to be able to work, work hard and help others.
  7. Survival – No Mark Bouris is not going to be on the popular ‘Survivor’ TV show, but he is passionate about surviving in business. Every day is about survival, he says. You must be an ability to evolve. I thought hmm how? Ask yourself: what business are you in? If you said real estate, sales, property management, finance, or something like that, then ask yourself again. What business are you truly in? Hopes and dreams perhaps? It’s true. We are commonly in the hopes and dreams business. To survive the competition, we must keep the hopes and dreams of our clients alive.
  8. Prospecting – this can be a scary word for some people. Tom Panos is certainly not afraid of it. His two-step process to getting new clients is simple yet something that we can easily forget.
    1. Chase. Make rejection your best friend, it’s ok. What other’s think of you is none of your business, what you think of you is. Remember this the next time a deal or client slips away.
    2. Attract. It is not who you know it’s who knows you. Get out there, get involved. Be the go-to agent in your area. If they do not know you exist, then you are missing out of golden opportunities.
  9. The Third Space. I thought there was only one ‘outer space’. But no it’s just Dr Adam Fraser is talking about the space between work and life. Ahh. Makes sense. He explained that we are ‘go go go’ in our careers (that’s true!) and to have a calmer space in our personal lives, then we need to have a third space. Take the time between work and home to reflect on the day, write down what you need to do the next day, let go of anything that is negative in your mind and think how are you going to show up (at home). When you adapt this process, which may seem either daunting or unnatural, your family and friends will be less stressed and happy each time you are present.
  10. Getting out of my skin. Hmm from outer space to skin shedding, I’m either mentally exhausted, or have just come end of Day Two where there is a great lesson about to be learned! Dolly Lenz is a great operator from the United States, and is blessed to work both as a buyers’ agent and seller’s agent at separate times. To truly represent your client you must get out of your own skin. Be prepared to be uncomfortable at times. Make the hard calls, do the hard yards and success will follow.

All in all, what an amazing group of speakers and priceless tips and expertise shared. My biggest tip from the two days? Your why is powerful. Without knowing your true purpose, then sometimes our days can be full and seem meaningless. Giving up sometimes seems easier and more attractive. Sit down with a friend or family member and think about why you do what you do. Brainstorm what truly makes you happy. Once you establish this, then you will jump at every opportunity, you will be present, willing to learn new things and fully engaged. Practice gratitude and on that note.

Thank you, Elite Agent Magazine for entrusting in me to report on the fantastic 2015 REIQ Summit!

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Simone Ryan

Simone Ryan is the Principal of MoneyBags Property and is passionate about inspiring futures for her clients.