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  • Darin Butcher: treat every sale as if it’s your first

    On getting into real estateAt first I chose computer science to do at university, but after a year failing and reviewing my options, I decided that I would come back to the Central Coast. I was looking for a job at the same time I was learning real estate at Tafe as a backup. Once…

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  • Andrew Milne: The art of selling

    On getting into real estateI had been working in men's retail, in particular selling suits. I had always liked property but I wasn't handy so I couldn't be a tradie, but I knew I could sell so I decided to sell homes instead of build them. The happiest moment in my careerWinning my first award…

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  • Elite Agent The News Source for Real Estate Professionals

    Satellite cities take top spots in population popularity contest

    Satellite cities and major regional centres are attracting more Australians than capital cities, with the number of Sydneysiders relocating at an all-time high and the Gold Coast becoming the most popular place to move to in the country. According to property market research firm Propertyology, Queensland, Hobart and parts of regional Victoria and New South…

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  • Byron Kerr: A new brand of leader

    Byron Kerr isn’t afraid of declining stock levels. In the 2018-2019 financial year, when the Melbourne market was on a downward slide, the O’Brien Real Estate Mentone director and his team sold more properties than the year before. “It was a market with decreased stock levels of about 25 per cent,” he said. “Yet we…

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  • Recruiting for performance

    If you’re a manager or leader you will likely have come across the age-old challenge of balancing values with results. It’s a tough question; how do you create a sustainable culture that balances and upholds set values and is equally performance driven? In any team, there are usually four types of performers. Jack Welch, Chairman…

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  • Matt Lahood: Reaching full potential

    On getting into real estate From the ages of 7 to 15 my parents owned three rentals, which my mum managed. They couldn't afford an agent, so mum would collect the rent and visit the properties - I would go along too and I thought this would be a fun job. The happiest moment in…

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  • Katie Knight: Family ties

    On getting into real estate My dad opened the business when I was half way through Grade 12 (we were the ninth RE/MAX office to open in Australia) and I had planned to head to Brisbane to study law when I finished school. Dad spoke to me before I returned my paperwork for university and…

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  • Auctions this week: Using Market Momentum

    Even though the weather still says winter, auction markets are warming up right around Australia - the only problem is a lack of stock. This week our auctioneers are hinting this might actually be a good thing for potential sellers. Queensland: Closing the gap Two-time Australasian Auctioneer Of The Year winner Justin Nickerson of Apollo Auctions…

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  • Make the most of your meetings

    The modern day workplace meeting is vastly different from days gone by. Forget serious, clinical boardroom events, today we have walking meetings, town hall gatherings and zoom coffee catch-ups. The intention is that a relaxed environment will make participants feel more relaxed and comfortable to share. The less formal and intimidating the meeting, the more…

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  • Business auditor reveals the 7 most frequent failures by Australian organisations

    A leading global risk management provider has revealed the most common reasons why organisations fail to meet the goals they set. SAI Global is a trusted global leader in risk management solutions through its standards, assurance and training offerings across more than 130 countries. Over the years they've audited thousands of organisations – from the…

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  • Divide your database in order to conquer

    Have you heard the term "divide and conquer"? Of course you have, but what does it have to do with real estate, you’re thinking? When it comes to your database you need to divide in order to conquer. More gently put, I’m talking about long-term nurture versus an active, short-term pipeline of potential vendors. Your…

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  • Business game plan

    Firstly, yes: a business plan is important and can help greatly, but a business plan has no hope without belief and action. Having the belief and intention of mind is what creates success, writing it down is just a reminder. So giving yourself a clear reminder of what you want to achieve in the form…

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  • Financial wellness for agents: Mikaela Patterson

    What’s the difference between success and financial wellness? In real estate, success is different from one individual to the next. It could mean pulling up at a listing presentation in the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster or opening an office in the adjoining postcode. For others, it’s taking every second Friday off to play golf. So what’s…

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  • EBM RentCover focuses on educating landlords

    For property owners, putting your largest asset in the hands of a tenant who you’ve never met and know little about can be a risky business – and EBM is trying to get the word out. EBM RentCover Managing Director of Sharon Fox-Slater said the company has recently rebranded and she was excited to continue…

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