Editorial guidelines

This page gives you everything you need to know to contribute an article to Elite Agent, eliteagent.com or #TheBrief.


'Finish lines'

(because who likes the word deadline, right?)

Elite Agent magazine is published four times per year and our various cut-off dates are in the following table. 


We will also send out these dates in The Marketing Brief that is typically sent a few weeks after the previous issue has been finalised. This will include useful details on what the theme of the issue is or any relevant information about the next upcoming issue.


If you’d like to be included on The Marketing Brief distribution list, please let us know by emailing editor (at) eliteagent.com

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Editorial Guidelines

You can submit a pitch, article or PR for publication in our daily newsletter #TheBrief at anytime by emailing editor (at) eliteagent.com.

We’re always looking for real estate industry experts who are keen to share their knowledge. In return, we will promote you, and your work to our large audience of industry professionals.


Before you submit, please read our editorial guidelines

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