Editorial guidelines

This page gives you everything you need to know to contribute an article to Elite Agent, eliteagent.com or #TheBrief.


'Finish lines'

(because who likes the word deadline, right?)

Elite Agent magazine is published four times per year and our various cut-off dates are in the following table. 


We will also send out these dates in The Marketing Brief that is typically sent a few weeks after the previous issue has been finalised. This will include useful details on what the theme of the issue is or any relevant information about the next upcoming issue.


If you’d like to be included on The Marketing Brief distribution list, please let us know by emailing editor (at) eliteagent.com

IssueWinter 2022Spring 2022Summer 2023Autumn 2022Winter 2023
Editorial Deadline22 April 202222 July 202221 October 202227 January 202328 April 2023
Branded Content and Ad booking cutoff06 May 202205 August 202204 November 202210 February 202312 May 2023
Advertising Artwork Deadline13 May 202212 August 2022 11 November 202217 February 202319 May 2023
Issue Australia Post Lodgement Date01 June 202231 August 202223 November 202208 March 202331 May 2023
Release Date (starting to land on desks)03 June 202202 September 202202 December 202210 March 202309 June 2023

Editorial Guidelines

You can submit a pitch, article or PR for publication in our daily newsletter #TheBrief at anytime by emailing editor (at) eliteagent.com.

We’re always looking for real estate industry experts who are keen to share their knowledge. In return, we will promote you, and your work to our large audience of industry professionals.


Before you submit, please read our editorial guidelines

If you are looking to promote a product please visit our promoted posts page, or for advertising options please download a media kit here.

Why write for Elite Agent?

Elite Agent is the independent voice of real estate professionals, aiming to provide practical value to readers within the industry. As a specialist B2B publishing and education company, you will contribute to our mission of helping real estate professionals improve their performance and expand their knowledge.


Having your article published on our website or magazine and promoted across our digital channels also gives you additional recognition and exposure to our large industry audience that you may not have writing or blogging on your own.

Print or Digital

The print magazine is comprised of three sections which include sales, pm and leadership.


Our e-newsletter, #TheBrief, is designed to:

  • Keep industry participants up to speed with industry news

  • Provide a vehicle for our printed magazine features to reach a wider audience

  • Hero digital-first content such as video series and podcasts, providing deeper industry insights against a backdrop of general news and current affairs.

The Brief is sent out to our email subscribers between 6 – 7:30am, Monday through Friday. It has a circulation of over 20,000. Content in The Brief is distributed across our social media channels, where we have over 30,000 total followers.

What should I write about

Well, it’s up to you. You might have a burning opinion on an industry matter. Or you might want to write more of a how to which could cover some of the topics below across either sales or property management:


  • Prospecting and listing

  • Productivity and peak performance

  • Best practice and legislation

  • Personal development

  • Business growth and development

  • Leadership and teams

  • HR and recruitment

  • Technology and social media

  • Selling and marketing property

  • Customer service and experience

  • Data insights and market reports

In order to avoid clashes of topics or delays in publication, contributors should check their proposed topic with the Editorial team prior to deadline and/or submission. Simply email us editor (@) eliteagent.com if you have a question or would like to brainstorm topics.

Content types and lengths

Here are the types of content we accept. If what you had in mind is not listed here please email editor (at) eliteagent.com.

Online only media and press releases – 400 words 600 words

Content should be newsworthy, unbiased, factual and include quotes from named industry sources or company representatives, who should be available for fact-checking and further comment
Web-resolution image(s) should be included; at least 72dpi in resolution, and at least 1000px x 1000px in dimensions.

Print/Watercooler short news snippets – 200 words

Media/PR Releases may also be tailored for the Water Cooler, a section at the front of the print magazine for news and announcements. As per online news, they should also be newsworthy, unbiased and factual. Space is limited in this section and current advertisers in the magazine or online are always given first preference.

First Person – 650 words

‘First Person’ pieces are what most journo’s call ‘op-eds’ and are the personal opinion of the author and may be written in the first person. (I think… I believe…etc). They should be thought-provoking, explore a new concept or comment on an industry issue. They may cover a contentious issue or raise one. Controversial is OK, so long as it is well thought out and well argued!

Feature Article – 1200 words

Feature articles can be written as a “how-to” or a case study to help the reader be more efficient. Features may solve problems a real estate agent, property manager or business leader might have, and provide ‘top tips’ or ‘listicles’. E.g.’10 ways to ….’ They can refer to products, services or brands but must not be promoting them (they will not be accepted otherwise).

Event Review

The Event Review is predominantly a photo feature, with accompanying text describing the event highlights and outcomes. The Event Review must include:

At least ten (10) hi-res photos: JPEG/PNG file format, 300dpi in resolution, and at least 10cm x 10cm in dimensions. If photos are deemed poor quality by the Editor or Layout team, they will not be used. Professional photography is strongly recommended.

A 50-word description of the event, including where it was held, who it was for and what happened.

A caption for each photograph submitted, ensuring names are spelt correctly.

How do I give myself the best shot possible at being published?

Short answer:

Say the word ‘exclusive’ and have something our readers will go nuts for, and we are all yours.

Longer answer:

Articles that fit these criteria are given preference above everything else

The article must use perfect written English – free of grammar and spelling errors.

Please only use one space after a full stop, not two.

Contributions must engage our audience and provide practical value for industry professionals. We’re not here just to write profiles on people that want to be promoted through ego or unpaid PR.

Your article should be an original, unique and cover an interesting topic and area. We don’t want to cover old ground unless it’s warranted or has a new spin or viewpoint. Before submitting, please take a search around this website.

You are better off covering a small topic well, than giving us a helicopter view of something we have heard multiple times.

Focus less on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and more on ‘how to’.

Finished articles should adhere to their respective word lengths and should have not been published anywhere else by the time of submission, unless otherwise agreed with the editor. We check extensively for plagiarism and we don’t like to re-publish old material.

Have the article in before the ‘Finish line’ date in the table above.

Stay within the word count (or we may send the article back to you)

Submit the article in a Google doc (preferred) or MS Word. Please do not submit PDFs, Apple pages documents or other formats which can make life a bit difficult for us managing everyone’s work.

All contributor submissions must include the following:

  • At least one (1) hi-res photo of the author: JPG/PNG file format, 300dpi in resolution, at least 10cm x 10cm in dimensions.

  • Professional photos are strongly recommended (no selfies, please!)

  • a 50-word biography, which can include a web address for readers to find out more about the author. e.g. Samantha McLean is the Managing Editor of Elite Agent. For more information visit eliteagent.com.
I have some industry news, what should I do?

Send it through to us and we’ll take a look. News pieces are published at the discretion of the Editor and Deputy Editor. Please note promoting a product, company or service is, on most occasions, not news.

Most times we will consider a ‘free kick’ if we think it is of interest to the audience. But if you wish to promote a product or service, please see the section below on promoting your product via content marketing.

Can I submit something I've written for my blog?
Unfortunately no, and this is our one strict rule. It takes a lot of time and effort and resource to publish a magazine like Elite Agent so we are looking for original content only. Similarly, with digital content we don’t want to look like we are plagiarising in the eyes of Google, so we will also politely decline re-publishing your already published digital work on our website either. You can re-publish an extract of your article on your blog after we have published it on eliteagent.com with a link to the article on eliteagent.com stating, “This article first appeared on eliteagent.com.”
What about you interview me?
We do various interviews for the magazines and online including profile pieces and feature interviews. If you think you have an interesting story that can add value to our readers please email us editor (at) eliteagent.com and tell us a bit more about yourself and your story angle. As interviews take time and resources for us first preference is always given to our VIP Members and our commercial partners.
I want to promote my product or service via content marketing
​If you would like to promote your brand, product and/or service via editorial, Sponsored Content is a limited option that is available and can be written as a guest contribution or by our editorial team. Promotion of products and/or services is permitted, however, the article still needs to provide practical value to readers – or you may just be paying for an article that will not be as effective as you might like. For Sponsored Content rates or a media kit visit this link or contact mark (at) eliteagent.com.
Any other rules I need to be aware of?
Please note that we are a B2B (business-to-business) magazine. B2C (business-to-consumer) or C2C (consumer-to-consumer) articles will not be considered. Contributions may be edited for length, wordiness, spelling and grammar. Headlines and subheadings may also be changed or added in order to fit with layout or specs, and may change to suit either a print or digital medium. Fees are not offered for articles on spec and are always be published at the discretion of the Editor. The Editor and/or Publisher reserve the right to refuse publication of any editorial submission, and assumes the right to use the articles both online/offline and in marketing the magazine. Elite Agent requires exclusivity and Internet rights on all submissions other than general press releases.