• Kristen Porter

    Five critical questions to ask when going into business with others: Kristen Porter

    Not too long ago I worked with a client who didn’t have formalised rules drawn up around expenditure, drawings, or dividends in their business. Despite this, it was usual that they would draw a certain amount of funds each fortnight, that their accountant would later reconcile as dividends. It soon became clear there was insufficient cash available to meet the business’s short to medium term debts – which is a problem, …

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  • Rohullah Paykari

    Rohullah Paykari kicks off new agency on the right foot

    former champion kickboxer, Rohullah Paykari is no stranger to a tough fight. While opening his agency in the middle of a global pandemic presented just that, the LJ Hooker Dandenong director has shown discipline and commitment can defeat any opposition …

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  • Nick Borelli

    Back from the brink: Nick Borelli’s unconventional path to real estate success

    It was a near-death experience that was the catalyst for Ray White Norwood sales executive Nick Borelli pursuing a career in real estate. …

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  • SAM RIGOPOULOS leader cold selling door knocking a-grade team

    How to create an A-grade team: Sam Rigopoulos

    Cold selling and team leadership are two of the most daunting aspects of real estate. Sam Rigopoulos reveals how he conquered both …

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  • offering ownership stakeholders agency business

    Is offering ownership in your agency the right call?

    O*No Legal founding director Kristen Porter breaks down the key considerations when bringing new stakeholders into your business. …

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  • tech-savvy digitally savvy proptech

    The perfect hybrid: a tech savvy agent who listens

    Meeting the PropTech needs of young, digitally savvy agents has never been more important. But, as Nigel O'Neil explains, this needs to be coupled with an ability to listen and commitment to great customer experience to generate business growth. …

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  • leaders Pancho Mehrotra leadership

    What real estate leaders can learn from sporting legends: Pancho Mehrotra

    Pancho Mehrotra has applied some important leadership lessons from sports legends to the world of real estate. …

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  • empathy communicate communication Kamal Sarma e

    How to communicate empathetically with your team in 2021: Kamal Sarma

    Just because humans know how to talk doesn’t mean they know how to connect, an expert in resilience and human connection says. …

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  • Leanne Pilkington real estate franchising 25 years lessons insights

    Lessons from 25 years in franchising: Leanne Pilkington

    From working as a Sunday receptionist at her father's agency to chief executive officer and co-owner at Laing+Simmons, Leanne Pilkington knows real estate. Here she shares the lessons she's learnt along the way. …

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  • Matt Lahood: What is your rebound strategy?

    The Agency CEO Matt Lahood explains the importance of having a post-lockdown strategy and what needs to implemented right now …

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  • Manos Findikakis rookies to elite agents

    How rookies can reach elite status in record time: Manos Findikakis

    Being a rookie agent can be a nerve-racking journey, but as Eview Group CEO Manos Findikakis explains, new starts often have key attributes every agent should aspire to. …

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  • Laing+Simmons: Sharing strategies to scale up

    A recent Scaling Up workshop involving Laing+Simmons' principals has reinforced the network's renewed focus on collaboration. …

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  • technology

    Champions of service: Claudio Encina

    Claudio Encina explains how you can use technology to create certainty in times of change and use this to connect with your clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. …

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  • Shane Kempton: Positive mental attitude (in three simple steps!)

    Chris is an agent who has missed out on his past two listing presentations. He is now starting to think he has lost his edge and he’s not as good as his competitors. He goes to his third listing presentation with this negative thinking and, sure enough, he misses this one too. When he gets home, he starts saying to his partner, …

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  • The Agency CEO Matt Lahood

    Control the controllables: Matt Lahood

    He’s one of the most-talked-about figures in the Australian real estate industry and The Agency’s CEO Matt Lahood lives by the motto “great leaders are those that empower and inspire others”. …

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  • How to master strategic thinking in real estate: Scott Bateman

    For more than 20 years I’ve been involved in sales across various industries and there’s a question I’ve asked every team I’ve worked with during this time which is (almost) always guaranteed to result in stunned silence – “what do you do that your competitors would admit they can’t or don’t?”  It sounds like a simple question, but I want you to think on it. …

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  • The four Cs of leadership in a crisis: Leanne Pilkington

    Like many leaders, the past few months have given me time to reflect on what effective leadership really means and how it is delivered. Challenges and widespread uncertainty might be shared by everyone, but these issues manifest among teams in countless individual ways. Leaders must frame these challenges to resonate with their teams while providing comfort and clarity, even though team members experience the impact according to their own unique circumstances. …

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  • 2021: The year of people-driven leadership

    As we move into 2021, there are still so many questions to be asked, and answered, about the lasting impact of 2020. …

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  • Leading a franchise during a pandemic

    We all watched in horror as Wuhan in China was consumed by the Coronavirus (later  renamed COVID-19) in the first few months of 2020. We saw the chaos, the heartbreak, the  overwhelmed hospital system and what looked perilously like a breakdown of society.   By early March it was evident that… …

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  • Michael Sheargold expands leadership toolkit with Coach the Coach

    With a tough year now entering its final stretch, there’s never been a better time for real estate leaders to expand their toolkit and bring out the best in their team, according to renowned real… …

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  • An essential cashflow management guide for difficult times

    It’s just as easy to go broke in a boom as it is in a bust. Equally you can make profit with negative cashflow and a loss with positive cashflow. Whilst a good majority of business owners will continue to look at their feet, some will raise their gaze to focus on opportunities. Difficult times call for extraordinary measures to protect and grow the cashflow in your business.  …

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  • Communication conquers crisis

    From bushfires and hail storms to Coronavirus and Kanye for president; we’ve been living through a state of instability and unknowns. Many industries, including ours, have kept on keeping on—albeit with a host of changes, and a welcome opportunity to innovate and challenge the status quo. Everywhere you look, there are lessons to be learnt from living through times of crisis. …

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  • The buck stops with the boss

    Every day I receive an email from Seth Godin and I highly recommend you subscribe to him too. One particular piece that he wrote recently resonated with me. The piece was titled Systems, Design and The Front Line. In this blog, Seth talked about how when things are not going well, the buck stops with the boss. “If you experience lousy service or poor quality, …

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  • The leadership workout

    Real estate is a fast-paced, relationships-based industry, where you get to work your own hours and set the sky as the limit for growth and earning. Hard work is rewarded, competitive streaks are stroked, and tangible achievements make it an exciting, lucrative career for anyone who considers themselves a ‘people’ person. KEY CHALLENGESThe current coronavirus pandemic has created even more of a challenge for the real estate industry, …

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  • How to build a stress-free dream team

    In these unprecedented times, many employers are fighting harder than ever to remain profitable, and employee performance is one of the most influential drivers when it comes to business success. Employee well-being directly affects how employees think and feel about their job and their organisation, and research has consistently shown that it predicts job attitudes, execution, efficiency, energy levels, and working relationships.  …

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  • Self motivation: Work out what drives you and why

    Whether you are transacting with a buyer or a seller – the customer trigger, or the motivation, is essentially emotional driven. As a property professional, your capacity to understand the emotional motivations of your customer,… …

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  • Let’s talk about the E word

    When he wrote the breakthrough book Emotional Intelligence in 1995, Daniel Goleman identified the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence, in this article we look at empathy and those things you can do to improve yours. For leaders, having empathy is critical to managing a successful team or organisation. The reasons are plentiful but primarily because leaders with empathy have the ability to put themselves in someone else’s situation. …

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  • Bridging the gap

    Richard Branson made an excellent point when he declared employees, not clients, should come first in business. “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients,” he said. The book, The Mind of the Leader, backs this up with its extensive research,involving 35,000 leaders, showing leaders are failing to meet employees’ need to find purpose, meaning, …

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  • Unlocking potential

    Unless your internet has been offline for the past decade, every business knows the importance of the customer experience, or CX as it’s more commonly known. Having your customer receive the experience you want them to have, and indeed the one they are expecting, requires you knowing and understanding your client’s journey. And, just as the client journey comes before a customer experience by design, …

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  • Who are your customers?

    At what point does someone become our customer? While there is not too much travel going on right now, let’ssay you go online and book a flight with Qantas, you proceed tocheck-in and head to the lounge before boarding the plane. When do you think Qantas believes you become their customer? If the experience at… …

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  • How COVID-19 changed business practices

    The pandemic literally changed the world. It certainly changed the way we conduct business of all kind. The real estate industry has learnt a lot of lessons from March through to the end of June, and continues to learn. These lessons learned from how we have been forced to adapt have a great many positives. My observation of the main things we’ve had to do differently – …

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  • Staying on track

    Running a real estate business requires its leaders to wear many hats. We are still people businesses, so the discussions that drive accountability remain critical. Sales divisions still rely heavily on the commission structure to drive performance, but moving forward it may not be enough on its own. As technology becomes more and more a critical part of the business model, …

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  • Management mess or leadership success?

    Over the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of working in some smooth operations, with fantastic leaders paving the way for their team to succeed. I have also had the underwhelming experience of working in departments where the ‘leader’ was a person whose idea of leadership is to incite fear and a culture that is a representation of totalitarianism. …

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  • Rolling up their sleeves

    In good times a leader’s job is to run the business smoothly and foster happy and productive employees and customers. What happens in uncertain times, when how we work has never been more fluid? That’s the situation the nation has been in since the arrival of COVID-19. PEOPLE FIRST At Direct Connect, a leading moving services company, people are at the heart of everything they do, …

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  • Leanne Pilkington: Smart, strategic, and not to be underestimated

    While Leanne says she is honoured to have received the award, she is – by her own admission – a somewhat disbelieving face of the women’s real estate movement. “The only special thing about me is my willingness to work hard,” she reflects. “That’s really what has got me to where I am, bloody hard work.” It’s that tireless work ethic that has seen Leanne launch the Real Women in Real Estate network and become only the second female president of the Real Estate Institute of NSW in more than a century. …

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