Feature Interviews

  • Heidi Howe real estate

    Creating better connections: Heidi Howe

    Heidi Howe didn’t seek out a career in real estate. She fell into it by chance, effortlessly landing on her feet in a role that combines a love of community with a go-getter mindset. Now, as the new director of Harcourts St Helens in Tasmania, Heidi is also the winner of Transform 2021. Heidi Howe’s path into real estate is far from your average journey into the profession. …

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  • The perfect recipe for property management: Suzana Wade

    After opening Locate Property earlier this year, Suzana Wade already has 60 doors under management and plans to double that by the end of the year with a recipe of passion, honesty and excellent communication. It might seem like a strange analogy, but to Suzana Wade, property management is just like baking a cake. You’ve got to have the right ingredients or the cake won’t rise. …

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  • Expect the unexpected: Anna Molinaro

    Since starting her career as a receptionist in the family business, Anna Molinaro has risen to become OBrien Real Estate Blackburn's rental department manager. …

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  • Paulette Contessi Real Estate

    Paulette Contessi: Going her own way

    Paulette Contessi honed her customer service skills running her own restaurants, events and recruitment companies, but it’s real estate where she found her true calling. …

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  • Chris Wilson: From crazy to controlled

    Real estate and stress go together like peas and carrots. But when agents' stress levels become too high it's easy to feel overwhelmed and burn out. …

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  • Sam Linn

    Sam Linn: Success in a town like Alice

    Looking back on 2020, Northern Territory sales agent Sam Linn notes it was a watershed year professionally and personally. …

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  • From Blacktown to boardroom: Luxe Listings Sydney star D’Leanne Lewis

    Telling D’Leanne Lewis she can’t do something is like waving a red rag in front of a bull. She will prove you wrong.  But unlike a bull, which only knows to charge ahead at full tilt, D’Leanne takes a more holistic approach to achieving success. After 29 years in real estate, the Laing + Simmons Double Bay principal has learnt “the loudest voice is not always the strongest”. …

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  • Tony Pickering

    Standing the test of time: Tony Pickering

    The name Tony Pickering is synonymous with Darwin real estate. After 50 years of dedicated service in the industry, the KG Young & Associates director has been awarded the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s top gong – the 2021 President’s Award. Here, Tony shares how he got started in real estate, his long list of achievements and why he’s not ready to retire just yet. …

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  • Daniel Hayes Big Brother

    Daniel Hayes on being authentic, villain edits and how his real estate know-how helped him on Big Brother

    We were devastated to see fan favourite Daniel Hayes evicted on Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother.  The real estate agent-turned-reality star sat down with Elite Agent to speak about his time on show, whether he was given the ‘villain edit’ and how his real estate experience helped shape his Big Brother strategy.  Daniel “100 per cent” believed his experience in real estate assisted him in the Big Brother house.  …

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  • Danelle Wiseman: The ethos of giving

    When Danelle Wiseman and Jonathan Pattinson started their real estate agency, they were crystal clear on their core values. “We wanted to enrich the lives of everyone we touched,” Danelle explains. “We’ve always had a service orientated mantra where we should give without the expectation of receiving.” That ethos has served Danelle well in her real estate career, which has spanned more than 30 years, …

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  • Dare to dream: Danielle Boyd

    Danielle Boyd was just 13 when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, but she hasn’t let it stop her chasing her dreams. From reception to general manager, the Wiseberry agent has worked her way up the ladder with a positive, never-give-up attitude. At just 29, Danielle says she’s only just getting started. If you put a hurdle in front of Danielle Boyd, …

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  • Claudio Encina reveals five business pillars

    Five critical pillars to drive your business

    Real estate doesn’t have to be hard, if you have the right strategy. Claudio Encina examines the five critical areas you need to ensure are working together to achieve a constant flow of leads, sales and success. Every real estate agent’s business is built on five pillars: how to attract new and future business, nurture those prospects, convert them to listings, …

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  • Family first: Oren Flamm

    Hodges Caulfield is a true family-run business with siblings Oren and Golan Flamm and their sister Eilat Rachmani carefully guiding the agency their father Alex built. …

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  • Building powerful teams: Will Ainsworth

    For Will Ainsworth, creating a strong company culture starts in the hiring process and employing those with similar values. Here, the Openn Negotiation Head of Growth and Training explains his key ingredients for building a solid workplace culture and what to do when one person’s ego gets in the way. Describe the culture in your business? Collaboration. Teams are more powerful when they acknowledge, …

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  • Prioritising people: Laura McKay

    Creating a strong culture is key in any and every business. Without it employees can be left uninspired and perform well below their best. Highland Property Group General Manager Laura McKay shares how they foster a robust culture among employees who become even stronger advocates for the agency. What three points/words best describe the culture in your business and why? ProgressiveInclusiveFamily/community   …

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  • Shine together: Cherie Humel

    Clarke & Humel Property principal, Cherie Humel discusses why culture is essential, how to ensure a productive team environment and how to correct conflict …

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  • Camaraderie, team spirit and morale: James Tostevin

    Director of Marshall White, James Tostevin describes the team's family-like culture, the ongoing success of the business and their onboarding strategy for new team members. …

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  • Anything is possible: Thomas McGlynn

    BresicWhitney Head of Sales and 'Chief Reminder Officer', Thomas McGlynn, answers how to develop and maintain a successful culture and what to do when things go wrong. …

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  • Jess Smith

    Jess Smith: Stuck on service and innovation

    Despite her relative youth, 31-year-old Jess Smith has spent more than a decade working in the real estate industry. The experienced sales agent from Gungahlin, in the ACT, is now also a director, after recently opening her own agency under the Stone Real Estate brand. Jess tells Kylie Dulhunty that as soon s she started working in the industry a decade ago, …

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  • Bliss Grayson

    Never stop growing: Bliss Grayson

    Bliss Grayson has always had a passion for learning new things. From her first job as a newspaper delivery girl to her 16-year real estate career, the Housequest agent never rests on her laurels. Here, Bliss explains why agents should never stop evolving. …

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  • Sam Gamon

    Sam Gamon: Confidence and experience

    As a fourth-generation real estate professional, Chisholm & Gamon director Sam Gamon grew up living and breathing the industry. This year marks two decades since Sam officially embarked on a career in real estate and as he tells Kylie Dulhunty, starting out in a difficult market prepared him well for some of the challenges of the past 12 months. …

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  • Laura Valenti

    Laura Valenti: Giving women a voice

    A property manager of more than 20 years, Laura Valenti is an REIQ board director and the founder of Solutions Property Management in southeast Queensland. With a focus on addressing domestic violence and a passion for empowering women, Laura was named the AREAS 2020 'Most Influential Woman in the Property Market'. …

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  • Louise Barton

    Louise Barton: Rising to the challenge

    After reaching the top of her game as an agent in her home country of Scotland, Louise Barton and her partner packed their bags and relocated to Australia four years ago. As the now Sydney-based Richardson & Wrench agent tells Kylie Dulhunty, change is good for the soul. …

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  • Ryan Mitchell

    Ryan Mitchell: Equality for all

    At only 30, Ryan Mitchell is the youngest known agency director in his region. Couple that with his dual roles as a property manager and business development manager and you have a unique skill set. Here, Ryan shares his ethos and some of the secrets behind his success with Daniel Johnson. …

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  • The perfect fit: Arden Armstrong

    When Arden Armstrong dipped her toe into the property management waters she knew she had found her true calling. The Century 21 Eastern Beaches Maroubra senior property manager explains why she ditched becoming a selling agent and what she loves most about her job. …

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  • Dean Mackie: In the driver’s seat

    An innovative database, artificial intelligence insights and a dedication to top-notch customer service are just some of the elements that have made DiJONES an industry leader. Kylie Dulhunty spoke to Chief Executive Officer Dean Mackie about the many secrets behind the boutique agency winning the 2020 AREA for Residential Agency of the Year. …

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  • Jeremy Wilkinson

    Jeremy Wilkinson: Keep your eye on the goal

    Harcourts Launceston director Jeremy Wilkinson is the type of agent who sets a goal and sticks to it. In 2020, his aim was to be top residential salesperson in Tasmania and it was something he recently achieved at the REA Awards after selling 115 properties that were collectively worth around $46 million. …

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  • Real estate in the fast lane: Rae Mano

    From luxury car sales to prestige real estate, Rae Mano loves selling opulence. As he explains to Kylie Dulhunty, property and cars have much more in common than just an expensive price tag. …

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  • John Morris

    The role of a lifetime: John Morris

    Auctioneer John Morris had never considered a career in real estate until his wife ‘dragged’ him along to an auction. The moment he saw what was involved, the former professional actor knew it was a role he was made for. …

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  • Stu Benson

    Paying it forward: 30 minutes with Stu Benson

    There's nothing Stu Benson loves more than a live auction. An industry expert synonymous with the sales technique in Sydney's north-west, Stu has weathered the COVID-19 storm to have his best quarter yet at the end of 2020. …

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  • Instagram

    Ellen Farley: Owning the digital space

    As a senior digital strategist with LJ Hooker, Ellen Farley knows a thing or two about navigating the online landscape. …

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  • Mat Steinwede

    Anything is possible: Mat Steinwede on running a high-performance team

    Mat Steinwede has been described in many ways over his 25 years in real estate, but one word you’ll never see connected to his name is ‘dictator’. …

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  • simon pressley propertyology

    Simon Pressley: Going against the grain

    He’s a three-time REIA Buyer’s Agent of the Year and Australian Real Estate Hall of Fame inductee, and as Managing Director of Propertyology, Simon Pressley has built a well-earned reputation as one of the nation’s most astute property analysts. Simon is renowned for challenging conventional wisdom and has correctly forecast some of the biggest market trends that others in the industry have failed to, …

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  • Creating habits that stick: Hannah Gill

    Too often we promise ourselves we will beat a bad habit or replace it with a new, improved version, only to give up trying soon after. Hannah Gill explains why resolutions fail and what you can do to stay on track. …

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  • Etienne Labuschagne Harcourts Solutions

    Leap of faith: Etienne Labuschagne

    Etienne Labuschagne isn't afraid to take chances. Once the top Harcourts business owner in South Africa, Etienne is now one of the driving forces behind Brisbane's successful Harcourts Solutions. …

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