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What you need to know about Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why

In real estate you often hear coaches tout, “Understand ‘why'” or “Find your ‘why’,” but what does that mean?

Author and speaker Simon Sinek has the answer. His book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action is a global best-seller and his TED Talk on it is one of the most watched.

In each, Simon analyses why some people and organisations are more inventive and successful and how they’re able to continually repeat their success.

Through leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and Steve Jobs, Simon discovers they all think the same way.

They all started with ‘why’ and Simon explains the framework you need in your business to not just understand what or how you do what you do but ‘why’ you do it.

Once you know this, success follows. Here are the top 10 points you need to know about the book:

  • Start with Why explores the importance of purpose and its role in driving personal and organisational success. The book delves into the idea that having a clear understanding of one’s purpose, both on an individual level and within an organisation, is crucial for achieving fulfillment and success.
  • The book introduces the concept of the Golden Circle, which consists of three levels of communication: why, how, and what. The Golden Circle is a visual model that illustrates the order in which effective communication should occur. Starting with the ‘why’ (the core purpose and beliefs) creates a stronger connection with the audience than starting with the ‘how’ (methods and strategies) or the ‘what’ (products or services).
  • Most leaders and organisations focus on the ‘what’ (products or services) instead of starting with the ‘why’ (core purpose and beliefs). Sinek argues that many leaders and companies often prioritise the tangible aspects of their offerings instead of communicating the underlying motivations and values that drive their actions.
  • Truly influential leaders and companies begin with the ‘why’ and effectively communicate their underlying motivation and belief system: The book provides examples of successful individuals and organisations, such as Apple and Martin Luther King Jr., who have inspired others by clearly articulating their ‘why’ and connecting with people on a deeper level.
  • Examples like Apple and Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrate how starting with ‘why’ creates loyalty, trust, and long-term success. Sinek explores how these leaders and organisations have cultivated a following and created a lasting impact by inspiring others through their ‘why’, fostering loyalty and trust among their customers and supporters.
  • The book emphasises the significance of understanding one’s personal ‘why’ and aligning actions with it for individual fulfilment. Sinek encourages readers to reflect on their own motivations and beliefs, helping them identify their personal ‘why’ and understand how it can shape their actions and overall sense of fulfilment.
  • It offers practical advice on discovering and clarifying personal and organisational purpose: Throughout the book, Sinek provides guidance on how individuals and organisations can uncover their ‘why’, offering exercises and strategies to help clarify purpose and align actions accordingly.
  • Purpose-driven leadership is crucial for inspiring others and creating a sense of purpose within an organisation. Sinek highlights the role of leaders in effectively communicating and embodying the ‘why’, as it sets the tone for the entire organisation and motivates others to take action.
  • The book encourages readers to find their ‘why’ and use it as a guiding principle for making meaningful decisions: Sinek emphasises the importance of using one’s ‘why’ as a compass for decision-making, enabling individuals and organisations to stay aligned with their core purpose and values.

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