Thomas McGlynn – Keep, stop, start 2024

The past year has been a period of significant evolution and insight for Thomas McGlynn, the Chief Executive Officer BresicWhitney.

In this reflection, he highlights the mantra ‘Simplify to Amplify’ as a cornerstone of his leadership and business strategy.

Thomas also emphasises the need for effective delegation to foster a more empowered team and shares his commitment to developing the next generation of leaders through experiential challenges.

Furthermore, he acknowledges the successful role of creative marketing in enhancing market share and offers a perceptive forecast for the Sydney real estate market in 2024 amidst global uncertainties.

What’s one thing you learned this past year that you want to keep applying to your business moving forward?

‘Simplify to amplify’. 

This is something I have been talking about with my team all year.

Why? Because not only is it proven to be effective, but because it helps us navigate and contextualise the world around us.

Life is always going to be complex, however the way in which we navigate the future doesn’t need to be.

Leaders often think there is sophistication within complexity, however that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Richard Branson once said that, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”

Embracing this philosophy will help communication amongst your team improve, which in turn could lead to significant transformation within your business.   

What’s one thing you spend too much time on that you want to stop doing or delegate in 2024?  

In reflecting on my leadership approach for the coming year, one aspect I hope I can improve on is the tendency to overcommit myself.

As a CEO, it’s natural to want to be deeply involved in various aspects of the business, but I recognise that this can sometimes lead to spreading myself too thin.

In 2024, my primary focus is to stop overcommitting and be more present as a leader to our team. Instead of trying to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, I hope to delegate responsibilities, which I believe will encourage further growth and development within the team.

Delegating not only empowers team members but also allows me to concentrate on high-priority initiatives and foster an even more collaborative and empowered work environment. 

In terms of leadership development, are there new strategies or approaches you plan to introduce to nurture the next generation of leaders within your agency? 

I am very passionate about giving our future leaders the opportunity to engage in diverse leadership challenges, allowing them to exhibit their ability in guiding and developing solutions amid demanding situations.

Empowering our team to navigate and excel in challenging circumstances is essential given our ambitions to be Sydney’s leading property group.

It’s about giving our future leaders room to fail while being part of a coaching culture that is focusing more on deep and meaningful leadership development rather than “classroom” leadership training.   

What’s one method you’ve used in 2023 that’s helped your agency generate more market share and that you want to keep doing in 2024? 

Leveraging our dedicated creative and editorial team.

Our team has fostered incredible relationships with key print and online publications within the luxury, architectural, design, and lifestyle sectors.

This strategic collaboration has not only enhanced our visibility but has also positioned us as a prominent player in the real estate market.

The cornerstone of our success lies in our team’s ability to bring homes to life through compelling storytelling, photography, and videography – a distinctive approach which sets us apart, and exemplifies the modern property experience we aim to provide.

This approach not only aligns with our commitment to creativity, design, and community but also reinforces our dedication to delivering a modern and unparalleled property experience for our clients. 

 What’s your real estate prediction for 2024?  

Anticipating the ongoing cost of living pressures and global geopolitical instability, I think that the tone in the Sydney property market will shift away from the previously dominant sense of optimism and stability experienced throughout 2023.

The pendulum will continue to swing, at times quite aggressively, in terms of market favourability.

While it is projected to gradually return to the centre, I expect more discussions take place with not only sellers and buyers but also within the industry regarding the future trajectory of the market. 

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