• Manos Findikakis social media planning

    Manos Findikakis: Spring selling starts now

    Eview CEO Manos Findikakis says planning ahead is best thing to do to be ahead of the competition. They plan and then create the opportunity by anticipating their sellers next move. They also measure their markets peak selling periods to take advantage of the natural ebb and flow of the yearly sales cycle. In the world of real estate, that peak selling period usually occurs during October, …

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  • Pancho Mehrotra finding true potential

    Nature vs nurture: Why agents fail to fulfil their potential

    We all know real estate is a competitive game and as a principal or manager, you want to get the best out of your agents. But what do you do when a newly hired, seemingly high performing agent fails to deliver? Pancho Mehrotra explains why this happens and how you can stop it. Picture this, you’re a principal sitting alone in your office. …

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  • EBM RentCover Managing Director Sharon Fox-Slater

    COVID-19: Keeping up with changes to investment property insurance

    Last year was a bumpy ride for the property industry and the rollercoaster is continuing. Landlords and agents have had to keep on top of the evolving market and adapt to the changes. EBM RentCover managing director Sharon Fox-Slater says many of these changes impact on insurance cover too. When the year started, most of us were hoping the disruption we lived through in 2020 would come to an end. …

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  • Your Brand Your Business

    Why ‘Your Brand, Your Business’ is the new way of thinking

    Manos Findikakis says Eview's 'Your Brand Your Business' model is becoming the benchmark that some competitors are following. …

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  • John Knight real estate wealth profit investment

    John Knight: How to make hay while the sun shines

    The predicted pandemic doom hasn't happened and the market is flush with profits. John Knight says now is the time to invest to build wealth …

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  • Nick Brown Real Estate team teamwork

    Nick Brown: Happy team, happy life

    We’ve all heard the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’, but Nick Brown also lives by ‘happy team, happy life’. The Edge Property Agents founder examines the benefits of fostering a team that feels supported, trusted and valued, as well as how you can attain the same in your business. Recently I was asked what my brand stands for in a professional environment and on a social level. …

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  • Dan Argent rent roll

    How I made $850,000 without the hustle

    Hustle and grind – both terms we use a lot in the real estate industry to describe how much hard work is needed to be successful. But what if I told you there’s a source of revenue sitting right under your nose that will generate not only an impressive income stream, but deliver a substantial windfall when it comes time to cash in. …

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  • The pitfalls of outsourcing calls

    With landlords' and tenants' service expectations and demands for immediacy ever-increasing, outsourcing is a tempting option. Tiffany Bowtell says outsourcing can work, if done correctly. …

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  • Commission split and franchise fees

    Manos Findikakis: The commission split debate

    The agent commission split and franchise fee debate is a common topic of discussion amongst real estate colleagues and agent principals. ‘What is a fair rate? What am I getting for my split? Am I paying too much?’ These are often the questions raised. While most focus on the commission split, and usually the side they ‘have to give away,’ what is not often discussed is the value of a ‘brains trust.’ …

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  • Saving time with CRM trevor bragg

    How your CRM app can save you time

    Real estate agents are often pressed for time. Eagle Software Head of Sales Trevor Bragg explains how a smart CRM app can save you time and make your to-do list shorter. The number one tool for real estate agents is their mobile. Today, it’s generally expected that the software we use has an accompanying app that allows you to work uninterrupted out of the office. …

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  • The power behind being persuasion smart

    Influencing skills expert Michelle Bowden believes the way we prefer to be persuaded can often influence how we try to influence others. A Persuasion Smart Profile could be just what you need to sell with more confidence, inspire your team, and improve customer experience. How persuasive are you? Do people listen when you speak? Do you often get your own way? Every day we are faced with opportunities to influence those around us in the workplace. …

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  • dan argent wants revolution

    The real estate revolution is gaining pace

    Major change is rarely an overnight event. It takes a great idea, time, and the ability to bring others on board with your infectious enthusiasm. Revolution requires momentum – once that’s built and becomes entrenched, you either get on board or get out of the way. Of course, change is also resisted by some – people whose established income streams rely on maintaining the status quo will not only repel change, …

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  • Listing Loop: How to overcome low stock levels

    The property market has been ticking along at a pretty rapid pace this year, with low stock levels helping boost prices. It’s a great result for vendors, as well as agents (as long as they’re the one with the listings). There’s no doubt that limited stock makes for heightened competition among agents. Even the best in the business need to formulate a plan to get their foot in the door and then quickly close it on their counterparts. …

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  • When is a disruptor a disruptor?

    When is a disruptor really a disruptor?

    For the best part of the past two decades, the term “disruptor” has been a popular buzzword in the real estate industry. Every new shiny piece of PropTech promises to be the biggest and the best thing since sliced bread, but few really are. We’ve seen cut-price commission and crowd-funded and owned models come and go, as well as share platforms and MLM real estate companies. …

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  • How real estate agents can create engaging content for the blog section of their website

    It’s not every day an average person looks for a real estate agent. But when they do, agents need to have an established, engaging online presence to win their business. …

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  • How to conquer your fear of self-promotion

    Self-promotion is part of the real estate game. While most agents are comfortable with building their personal brand, some shy away from it at all costs. Mindset coach Jet Xavier examines why this is, and how you can overcome your fears. When it comes to promoting, branding, marketing and putting yourself out there, you would think every real estate agent would jump at the chance to be in the spotlight.  …

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  • Manos Findikakis: The reverse bucket list

    Manos Findikakis explains the concept of a reverse bucket list and how working from past success can help you achieve future goals …

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  • Dan argent on business

    Five lessons from 15 years in business

    Dan Argent shares the five big lessons he's learned after 15 years as a business owner and, now, start-up founder. …

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  • Manos Findikakis' reverse bucket list

    Be so good they can’t ignore you

    Eview Group takes a page out of comedian Steve Martin's playbook when it comes to developing brand identity as a real estate agent. …

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  • Mark Mcleod why real estate technology should look to McDonald's

    What real estate can learn from McDonald’s

    There’s no doubt technology is important, and I believe in what it can provide us with now and in the future. However, real estate, at its very core, is a relationship business. I often ask many people I work with to make a list of all the contacts they have a relationship with that they have never spoken to. When I ask this question, …

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  • Andy Reid speaks about Lords of Property

    The impact of the Lords of Property Instagram page

    A few days ago, I received a link to an Instagram account along with a laughing emoji. The account was called Lords Of Property, which instantly made me cringe at the thought of what stomach-churning content could potentially be on it. I was expecting to see rented Lamborghinis, no socks, and other stuff disguised as ‘motivation’ spewed from some self-idolising muppet, …

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  • Three ways to capitalise on a hot market right now

    Few would argue that the property market is pretty hot in Australia right now. Buyers are out in force, properties are selling quickly and for a lot more than they were in recent years. While some may tout now is the time for agents to sit back, relax and reap the rewards of a buoyant market, that’s precisely what I believe you should not do. …

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  • Your internal technology: Accessing your central nervous system

    In part one of this special two-part feature, Shane Kempton explores why we feel flat after achieving a long-desired goal, which feel good hormones are responsible for keeping us happy and how we can access more of them. Have you ever been on a great holiday, only to return feeling unmotivated and devoid of energy? Similarly, have you achieved a significant personal or professional goal, …

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  • John Knight shares EOFY tips

    John Knight’s end of financial year top tax tips

    It can be difficult to determine where to draw the line with tax deductions. While we all want to make the most of the end of financial year (EOFY) savings, it can be easy to slide into dubious territory.  BusinessDEPOT founder John Knight outlines the simple ways you can improve your EOFY with his top (and legitimate) tactics.  Instant assets We’ve all seen the EOFY advertising spruiking sparkling new cars with major savings. …

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  • Listing Loop: Three myths about selling off-market

    Selling a property off-market may not be a new concept, but it has gained a lot of traction in recent times. It’s not uncommon to drive around the streets of any major city or town and see a ‘sold sign’ appear out the front of a property when just 24 hours earlier, there was nothing there. Not even a ‘for sale’ sign. …

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  • Commission split and franchise fees

    Stop complicating a simple business

    Eview Group co-founder Manos Findikakis reveals his simple steps to go from an apprentice to an attraction agent. Each year, I am reminded and grateful for the amazing opportunities a career in real estate presents. This year in July, I am lucky enough to celebrate 18 years in our amazing industry. Throughout this incredible journey, I have felt blessed beyond measure. …

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  • Making the most of your marketing

    Creating a company brand that resonates with clients is an ever evolving process. Direct Connect Chief Executive Officer David Holman explains how the utility connection provider approaches its marketing material so that it meets company values and consumer needs. The new financial year is upon us once again, and we are working towards setting our goals, ready for a successful year. …

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  • The culture playbook 101

    Agencies talk about having a great culture, but what does it really mean and how do you create one? In the first part of a two-part series, Hannah Gill examines what a culture playbook is and the initial steps leaders must take to craft one. You can bet most businesses and teams have values of some description, but what do they mean, …

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  • The fundamentals to becoming a million-dollar agent

    The key to becoming a million-dollar agent is having a hyper-focused mindset. It’s about doing fewer activities well, more frequently and deliberately. It’s about focusing on the fundamentals which have the greatest positive impact within your business. Being hyper-focused is having highly focused attention that lasts a long time. You concentrate on something so hard that you lose track of everything else going on around you. …

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  • Branding tactics that backfire

    Spruiking about massive property prices might seem like a great marketing idea, but it’s a tactic that can have the opposite effect. Branding specialist Imogen Callister explains how to position yourself as a world-class agent without bragging about how great you are. When it comes to real estate agent marketing, there is a fine line between self-promotion to help you find your next listing and egotistical branding that makes buyers and sellers distrust you. …

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  • Super-productive out of the office

    Matt Lahood explains how to mould your ideal week and stay productive when you're not tied to a desk. …

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  • Daniel Hayes

    Five reasons we think Daniel Hayes should win Big Brother

    He’s the quick-witted real estate agent who has made waves for years and is doing the same again on this season of Big Brother. Daniel Hayes has certainly ruffled a few feathers in the Big Brother house so far, but he’s also made some incredibly strategic choices.  With his agent mind constantly switched on, it really is no wonder he’s gotten so far in the competition.  …

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  • How to beat out the competition when winning listings

    We are in a market where agents complain constantly about a lack of listings. Buyers are sheep-dogging over the top of each other to make first offers on a limited number of available properties. This means the struggle is not selling, but rather getting the stock on your books in the first place – and you are competing directly with every agent in your area to secure those vendors. …

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  • Manos Findikakis: Minimising friction points

    We manage and sell real estate every day. It’s what we have been trained to do, and our experience has given us an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the sales and rental process. This isn’t the case for most sellers, buyers, rental providers, and rental occupiers. It’s for this reason that they need agents to help them throughout the process, …

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  • technology

    Ellen Bathgate: The three best tech tools for growing a rent roll

    Technology can play a vital role in growing your rent roll and contrary to popular opinion, it doesn't have to be confusing. Ellen Bathgate explains some simple tools you probably already have in your office and how to make the most of them. …

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