Mark McLeod

Mark McLeod

Mark McLeod is the Ray White Group’s Chief Executive of Growth. He works alongside both agents and businesses across Australia, helping them reach their ultimate potential to achieve success.
  • Photo of Accepting responsibility

    Accepting responsibility

    A famous Winston Churchill quote says you must never waste a good crisis. For many, the past 12 months in real estate terms have been a crisis. Much of the pressure may have been successfully navigated post-election, but have agents learnt from the situation, or will they face similar malaise when another crisis hits? And…

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  • Photo of The gift of real estate

    The gift of real estate

    I recently spent time with some second and third year agents who have all been doing relatively well in the industry. I asked them to come to the whiteboard and map out the ideal real estate business. Save for a few minor details they could write down what it would take for them to become…

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  • Photo of Always be educating: Mark McLeod

    Always be educating: Mark McLeod

    Stock management and vendor education are, for many, among the most challenging tasks as a real estate agent. Following one of the deepest and longest sustained growth periods, many agents haven’t developed the skills or understanding needed in this section of the real estate process. This area can be difficult, daunting and, in many cases…

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  • Photo of First service: Mark McLeod

    First service: Mark McLeod

    I often wonder why professional tennis players don’t get the first serve in more often. Maybe the fact they have a second chance has something to do with it. Or, as I recently saw on social media, why don’t the cars in The Fast and the Furious stop for fuel? These are amusing observations. One…

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  • Photo of Begin with the end in mind: Mark McLeod

    Begin with the end in mind: Mark McLeod

    Through the strong part of the cycle, it was a fairly easy task to look forward and feel energised and excited about what was inevitably about to happen: solid numbers through opens, bucketloads of enquiry, plenty of offers. Vendors not always but often had their expectations on price exceeded. The world of real estate seemed…

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  • Photo of Focus on the opportunities: Mark McLeod

    Focus on the opportunities: Mark McLeod

    Talking to a team of agents on the Gold Coast recently, I asked them to picture a football team who has been playing on a dry surface for the last few years when all of a sudden they have a wet, rain-affected pitch to play on. If the players don’t adapt their game, they will lose.…

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  • Photo of Why you need to be tech enabled: Mark McLeod

    Why you need to be tech enabled: Mark McLeod

    I recently attended the Inman Conference in San Francisco and witnessed the ongoing debate over disruption and technology in our industry. Let's start the discussion by asking what technology enables us to do. From our perspective it’s designed to get our people to talk to more people, at the right time. But despite technological advances,…

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  • Photo of How to create the right leadership atmosphere for your team

    How to create the right leadership atmosphere for your team

    I visited a different gym a number of months ago; the weights were all over the place, nothing was put away and there was little or no respect for the equipment. As I walked out it became quite easy for me to act in the same fashion as every other member. The environment was setting…

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  • Photo of Creating the future – Mark McLeod

    Creating the future – Mark McLeod

    I don’t know whether you have ever tried to write a song, but when I was younger and tried I couldn’t help just regurgitating a tune that already existed. Many people have been asked what the real estate office of the future may look like. It’s quite a challenge to answer, as the most difficult…

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  • Photo of Why would my business grow this year? Mark McLeod

    Why would my business grow this year? Mark McLeod

    Over the last few years, the market has provided the growth impetus even for the most average of agents. Now things have changed. A great self-reflection question to ask yourself is, ‘Why would my business grow this year?’ There are, in my view, two types of businesses. Some are devoid of structure and process, and are linked to the ebbs and…

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  • Photo of Taking Stock – Mark McLeod

    Taking Stock – Mark McLeod

    As markets across the country start to take a different form, every real estate agency will need to turn its focus to stock management. Many believe that days on market and clearance rates are what the market serves up to them, but when offices don’t have solid stock management structures the market provides a great…

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  • Photo of Unforced Errors: Mark McLeod

    Unforced Errors: Mark McLeod

    When it comes to the major sporting contests, it’s usually not the sophisticated plays that win championships, but rather the players who make the least mistakes. Games of sport are mostly won by the team who plays the best percentages. Another way of looking at this is the team that identifies the most important KPIs…

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  • Photo of Consistently Inconsistent: Mark McLeod

    Consistently Inconsistent: Mark McLeod

    I like to compare real estate to golf, as the ball itself remains motionless on impact. You would think that it would make it easier, but no. As technology comes more into play, sometimes getting back to the raw essence of how this industry operates in its purest and simplest form can help an agent…

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  • Photo of What’s Your Workflow?

    What’s Your Workflow?

    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, someone started writing $1 million GCI in their first or second year. Logic would tell you the suburb or suburbs they work in didn’t start producing an extra $1 million of GCI because agent X started working in the area. So who did they take it from? In simple terms,…

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  • Photo of Spot the Disrupter: Mark McLeod

    Spot the Disrupter: Mark McLeod

    It’s only when we understand and acknowledge where the pain points really are for our customers that will we have any opportunity to meet disrupters head on, says Mark McLeod. There is an image I saw recently of Fifth Avenue, New York, in 1900. The photo shows a busy street, full of horses and carts.…

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  • Photo of The Ecosystem of Experiences

    The Ecosystem of Experiences

    The evolution of our industry is clearly about putting the customer, and the experience of the customer, at the centre of our universe. But that’s not all it will take to future-proof your business, says Mark McLeod. A s I have said and written many times, the question remains: who is our customer? Most agents…

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  • Photo of Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

    Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

    For busy agents and principals, time is of the essence. How do you ensure the myriad of vital tasks are completed, and where does your responsibility begin and end? In real estate, one of the great questions every agent should ask themselves is quite simple. The question is: who? To my way of thinking, our…

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  • Photo of Are You Ready to Go Digital: Mark McLeod

    Are You Ready to Go Digital: Mark McLeod

    It’s time that we, as an industry, learned a new skill. That skill is data mining in a digital world. Gone are the days where the traditional functions of listing and selling are the only ones an agent needs to perfect. We must learn to evolve and embrace digital behaviours or risk being left behind.…

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  • Photo of When Does Customer Service Really Start: Mark McLeod

    When Does Customer Service Really Start: Mark McLeod

    So much is written and discussed about customer service in our industry, says Mark McLeod, but the question is: when does someone start being our customer, and where – if ever – does it finish? At a recent international conference, I attended with a team from Ray White, this very topic was a major discussion…

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  • Photo of Volume, Consistency and Quality

    Volume, Consistency and Quality

    Is it possible to find a formula for real estate success? Mark McLeod believes that in some strange way there is: volume multiplied by consistency multiplied by quality. Over the years I have seen a significant number of agents attempting to build businesses without having each of these three aspects in place: volume, consistency and…

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  • Photo of Customers, Not Categories

    Customers, Not Categories

    Brand is the experience, through service, that you create for your customer. Mark McLeod discusses why you should forget the labels and provide excellent service to all. One of the interesting industry skill sets that have been developed amongst real estate agents is what I refer to as ‘to categorise a person’. We are taught…

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  • Photo of Constants amid the Chaos

    Constants amid the Chaos

    The ability to find consistency as the days throw chaos at you is where you will find success, says Mark McLeod. I OFTEN REFER to our day as being divided up into constants versus variables. This means that there are things that you have control over, the constants, and we can argue that the chaos…

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  • Photo of Why Trust Will Always Trump Skill

    Why Trust Will Always Trump Skill

    A series of tasks completed consistently over a period of time is what creates the foundation to build your business for success, says Mark McLeod. I WAS RECENTLY asked about a statement I made where I said that 'skill' is highly overrated. So let’s take it right back and fully understand our industry. Every industry…

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  • Photo of Turn of the Tide

    Turn of the Tide

    Watching the industry’s reaction to a changing, and what many people consider challenging, landscape has been interesting. Markets rise and fall, and that is the nature of our industry; but it’s how agencies react that will ultimately determine their fate. WHEN THE market rises many hitch their wagon to the beast, but when it falters…

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  • Photo of It’s Not Just The Extra Mile; Every Inch Counts

    It’s Not Just The Extra Mile; Every Inch Counts

    Many years ago the term ‘customers for life’ was bandied about the industry as if it was going to save the world. I have discussed many times with our teams the need to have a marathon runner’s attitude to our clients: long-term relationships, longterm commitment and long-term engagement in communities. Why do some agents approach…

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