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Stuck in a real estate rut? Here’s why you should lace up and level up

Every morning, I face off against a familiar foe: the first kilometre of my run.

It’s me, my running shoes, and a feeling of dread that hangs as heavy as the morning mist.

You’d think after hitting the pavement four to five times a week, I’d be breezing through it like a pro.


Instead, I’m there huffing and puffing, mentally berating myself.

Why on Earth doesn’t it get any easier?

Am I not, week by week, supposedly turning into some kind of super-runner?

Reality check: The only thing I seem to be getting better at is compiling an extensive list of creative expletives with each laboured breath.

Just when I’m about to assign myself the role of the world’s most begrudging jogger, my virtual coach, Coach Cali from the Nike Run Club app, throws me a lifeline.

With the timing of a seasoned stand-up comedian delivering the punchline, she hits me with wisdom – stop pining for easy street; aim for being the better runner.

And just like that, between gasps for air and sips of water, a lightbulb moment happens.

This whole running debacle? It’s a mirror to the real estate profession.

Think about it.

How many times have you found yourselves scanning the horizon for that easy deal, the smooth sale, the finish line, or the project that wraps itself up with a neat little bow?

Many of us are guilty of wishing the real estate market were less of a rugged cross-country race and more of a short sprint.

But let’s be honest, where’s the fun in that?

Embracing the uphill climb

Just like conquering the dreaded hill on your run makes you stronger, tackling the tough negotiations, the complex deals, and the unpredictable market swings hones your skills.

Each challenge is an opportunity to flex those real estate muscles and show what you’re made of.

Level up your game

In the grand marathon of real estate, standing still is the same as moving backward.

Both running and real estate thrive on a diet of challenge and change.

So, instead of cruising on autopilot, consider honing your negotiation skills to an art form.

In an industry where success hinges on the fine balance between assertiveness and empathy, mastering the subtleties of negotiation can transform even the most challenging transactions into win-win situations.

By investing time in workshops, reading extensively, or even seeking mentorship from negotiation experts, you equip yourself with the finesse and confidence to navigate the complexities of real estate dealings with the grace of an Olympic athlete.

From transactions to transformations

Let’s face it, aiming for ‘better’ rather than ‘easier’ doesn’t just add a shiny new trophy to your collection; it builds a legacy.

Those deals you fought tooth and nail for, the projects you poured your heart into, they’re not just transactions.

They’re transformations — of spaces, of communities, and yes, of yourself.

So, to my fellow real estate runners feeling the burn: it’s time to ditch the wish for a smoother path.

Instead, embrace the grind, the growth, and the glorious unpredictability of the path ahead.

After all, every challenge overcome is another story to share, another lesson learned, and another step towards becoming not just a better professional, but a downright legend on the track and in the field.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another kilometre to conquer — one laboured breath and pep talk at a time.

Let’s do this!

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.