PMVA secures six-year lease with Clark Global City

Property Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA) has extended its lease with Clark Global City for six more years, allowing the company to improve its market-leading services even further.

PMVA set up in Clark Global City in 2017 and spent a lot of time fitting out their offices, so chief executive officer Tiffany Bowtell said the decision to stay was easy.

“We custom designed the fitout from a bare shell, specifically with real estate in Australia in mind, and knowing that we wanted to keep our client’s data safe,” Ms Bowtell said.

“We designed our floor plan from a security perspective and laid 20km of copper cable in the roof.

“We’ve invested a lot of money in our security systems and CCTV set-up, so it was really important for us to stay.”

Ms Bowtell said Clark Global City continued to be one of the best business hubs in the Philippines and attracted a lot of large companies.

“Clark Global City has now attracted several tier-one US companies, including Netflix, Facebook and Zoom. That means they have more money to spend on better security, internet access and more facilities for the staff and workers,” she said.

The city itself is also rapidly improving its infrastructure, including opening a new airport terminal and expanding its train line directly to Manilla, Ms Bowtell said.

She said the building itself was also essential to PMVA.

“One of the main appeals of continuing to operate out of Clark Global City was the added security that translates to more safety for client data,” Ms Bowtell said.

“The building has multiple security checks, every single person on the premises must have an ID tag, and you must know who they are and where they work.

“There are also bag checks and metal detectors, and when you arrive in our office, we also have our own security.”

Ms Bowtell said she liked maintaining professional premises in the Philippines because it helped set the right tone and attract the highest quality staff.

“PMVA likes to set high standards with the location, and the staff enjoy wearing the professional uniform and coming to a premium place to work,” she said.

“The quality of internet connection is also very high in Clark Global City.

“We have four different internet providers, which is again very different to most other BPO centres where they’ll only have one internet line.

“What it means is that if anyone has downtime on our production floor, or if the internet cuts out for whatever reason, within seconds, it just flicks itself over on a loading script to go to the other internet on the premises.”

Ms Bowtell said PMVA had committed to Clark Global City for the long haul, which will only benefit their clients.

“We’re not a fly-by-night outsourcing business,” she said.

“We’re invested heavily. 

“I own the Philippines entity, I own the Australian entity and, for us, it was a long-term investment plan to put in professional services.

“Property managers can trust that we’re not going to just appear in the market for a short period of time and then disappear.

“We’ll be there for the long haul and will continue to develop a professional done-for-you service.”

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Rowan Crosby

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