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Sarah Bester returns ‘home’ to Double Bay

JT Allen Real Estate has welcomed one of the country’s top real estate professionals, Sarah Bester, back to Double Bay.

It is a coming home for the renowned general manager from Sydney’s Lower North Shore, who previously spent more than 20 years working with various real estate agents across Double Bay.

The appointment of Ms Bester to general manager of the family-owned enterprise, headed by Joshua Allen, fortifies the agency’s focus and standing as market leaders across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner City.

Ms Bester said the move to JT Allen strengthens former ties and provides a strong platform for JT Allen’s growth.

“I have helped launch the careers of many of the most celebrated agents in the Eastern Suburbs by supporting their goals, one of which was Josh Allen, whose values and ethics align with mine,” she said.

“I have known Josh for 16 years and together we are looking to grow JT Allen Real Estate, and nurture strong, long-term relationships with our clients.”

Ms Bester previously spent more than two decades as the general manager for offices of two national franchise groups.

“Ms Bester has an incredible track record of excellence, dedication and commitment to the real estate industry, and we’re beyond excited and proud to welcome her to the JT Allen team,” Mr Allen said.

“Her experience and knowledge is unmatched and her appointment to general manager at JT Allen is crucial to furthering our growth and long term success.”

Ms Bester said she is delighted to be joining an agency that matches her passion for maintaining a strong reputation for honesty, reliable service, and real results.

“It’s my motivation to provide support for talented, growing teams, so I’m delighted to be joining Josh and the team at this pivotal time,” she said.

Ms Bester is experienced in licensing and regulations, and her expertise encompasses sales, property management, auctions, trust accounting, business development, property marketing legal and operations.

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