Harcourts  and REIP Nexus join forces

The partnership is aimed at helping Harcourts agents get ahead of the competition.

The Announcement:

Taking charge to drive value for its network and their customers starts today under a commercial partnership struck between REIP Nexus and Harcourts Real Estate.

Andrew Friebe, Director of Partnerships, REIP Nexus, announced the partnership at Harcourts annual Australian Leadership Conference (ALC) event.

Under the agreement, REIP Nexus will provide Harcourts offices with a genuine point of difference in the data and products it has at their fingertips.

Using live listing, settled, and sold data and presenting this, combined with a vast array of other relevant real estate insights in the form of a centralised ecosystem will ensure that the network and their customers alike have an experience like no other when it comes to navigating the real estate market.

“The REIP Nexus data platform has the most up-to-date data. No one can compete because it’s real-time data from the industry, for the industry to use,” points out Mike Green, Managing Director, Harcourts.

“We all understand that data is the future – how we collect and use it is critical. With REIP Nexus, we can as an industry, take control of our future, using our data for our benefit”, says Mr Green.

Not only the most up-to-date data, including settled and unsettled sales, state data, and partner listings in one platform, this flexible tool allows seamless, and efficient creation of digital CMAs and digital connectivity with customers.

With REIP representing more than 50 per cent of the industry, REIP chief executive Sadhana Smiles said the sector has an opportunity now to get together and move the industry forward.

“REIP had always wanted to partner with a PropTech that has significant experience to bring game changing best of breed products to market,” Ms Smiles said.

“For far too long we have relied on third parties to provide insights for property appraisals which can often stimulate decisions made by a vendor. Now, as an industry, we can have faith and trust in a data platform that will support our industry with our own current, relevant, and diversified data across sales and property management.”

Adrian Knowles, CEO Harcourts Australia agrees: “REIP Nexus as the industry partner, providing the latest data and digital workflow solutions to transform and future-proof the industry, is truly significant.”

Source: Harcourts

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