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Join Domain at RISE Thrive 2023 to embrace a holistic path to success

Later this month, RISE Thrive 2023 will take place at CENTREPIECE, Melbourne Park on Tuesday 29 August.

An initiative and conference that Domain is proud to continue to support now in its fourth year.

Across this action packed conference, there will be a full array of experts and visionaries within the industry talking about topics such as having a life at the same time as a successful career, burnout, anxiety and how to achieve peak performance while embracing sustainable work and life habits.

With its key messages about the value of wellness, mindfulness, fulfilment and service, it’s set to showcase a treasure trove of talent who will inspire, lead and share experiences to help everyone create a more resilient, and robust, future.

“This RISE conference is about how to thrive in the workplace and ultimately that’s about how to elevate your people both inside of the workplace and outside of it. You can have the best strategy for how you’re going to grow your business, but if you don’t have the correct culture you’re going find it near impossible to execute on the strategy”, Head of Customer Solutions at Domain and Rise board member, Angus Ferguson said.

Domain continues to partner with the RISE Initiative and invest in its free mental health and wellbeing app Real Care, which aims to help business owners elevate the culture of their businesses and improve the health of their people.

“They (real estate professionals) work in such a fast-paced, highly-transactional environment, but this helps them to be more holistic about the wellbeing of their staff and of themselves,” Mr Ferguson said.

“The heart of real estate is people and Domain recognises that people are businesses’ most important asset, and we want to help the industry take a step forward and develop that asset.”

There’s a seven-star line-up of keynote speakers including AFL legend Wayne Schwass, mental health champion Mitch Wallis, the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, Wominjeka woman Shantelle Thompson, iconic Australian author Thomas Keneally and The Streets’ Barber Nasi Sobhani.

“To create a thriving sustainable career in Real Estate is not a pipe dream, it is a reality that exists when you understand the elements of success that you can harness by being true to yourself,” RISE Initiative Chairman and Cunninghams Real Estate Managing Director, John Cunningham, said.

“There is a better, more progressive way to have great work life congruence and attending the Rise conference is where the shift can start for you.” 

Get your tickets now to RISE THRIVE today

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