Is Selling Real Estate Like Dieting?

Ric Mingramm draws some thought-provoking comparisons.

You are what you eat, they say, reference to the fact that we are the by-products of various inputs that we have direct control over. Similarly, in real estate, our performance is a direct result from the various inputs that we have direct control over. Let us run with this analogy for a while.

Those of us that are a little on the plump side are well aware (really) of what needs to be done to address the situation. Nevertheless, we are drawn to outside influences for a quick fix to the situation. There are masses of books, gurus, support networks, and functions all keen to take our hard earned and tell us what intuitively we already know. You see dieting is not really anything to do with information, training, support networks, and diets; it really is all about will power!

We can attend as many weight watching sessions, read as many books, watch as many reality shows and have as many life coaches as we want; if we don’t stop stuffing it in our cake hole and/or increase the metabolic rate of our bodies then it is all for nought.

How many people do we all know who sign up for a gym membership, go a few weeks, and then never return; attend weigh-in sessions, then go straight to a fast food outlet as they lost more than they thought; or have a library of diet books and diet cook books but the spines have never been broken.

People who change their body shape and lifestyle invariably make a true impact when a ‘shock’ happens in their life, a friend dies, they get diagnosed with a related ailment due to their weight, and they see a true reflection of themselves in a picture they like. At this time the individuals desire moves from being a nice to be, to a must be decision, and a paradigm shift occurs in thinking and behaviour.

So, back to real estate, agents seem to think that the golden bullet comes from attending more training courses, buying more DVD’s and books, getting a mentor – all admirable objectives but wasted unless there is a material change in activity as a result of these inputs. You see, I contend that all these inputs do is hone or in some cases provide skills. Trainers are usually highly charismatic, inspiring people who beat the sales persons energy into a peak and then move onto to the next seminar, unless there is change this heightened enthusiasm wanes and no real change is made. Often that is why training sessions are events. Once completed the event is over.

Like dieting, selling real estate is more about will power, the true desire to get a changed result in performance. You cannot train will power! Individuals need to see that the extra work is worth the effort.

I’ve had sales people who get all courageous and build a business plan based on prospecting telephone calls, letter box drops, meeting new people, follow up plans. Off they go all inspired for a few weeks until the results are not what they expected, and then they go back to ‘what is the office doing to generate leads’, and sit on the computer looking at eBay or other agent’s listings.

Just like making the change in body shape, to make a change in sales success we need a few things:

  1. Will Power and acceptance that this is a medium to long term (life) commitment
  2. True personal desire
  3. Personal SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bounded goals)
  4. Incremental personal rewards for attaining benchmarks
  5. Accountability – preferably to someone else (partner, sales manager or principal).

The overarching reality is that we cannot or will not be what someone else wants us to be or achieve what someone else wants us to achieve. Targets set by others are their wishes often not ours! We will always be what we have determined we will be and achieve what we deserve based upon our input. So personal desire is the key. Any sales agent can make a million dollars in commission each year if they do the work, the same as everyone can have an iron board stomach if they work at it!

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Ric Mingramm

Ric Mingramm is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer in NSW and QLD and has recently joined PRD Nationwide North Lakes as Sales Manager.