GPTV Celebrates 200 Episodes

Widely known for their onscreen banter, Phillip Kingston and Gary Peer this week celebrated their 200th video for their weekly Real Estate Program G.P.T.V, attributing their ongoing success to their ability to completely revolutionise the way real estate news is delivered.

From the company’s inception back in 1986 and prior to the digital age, Gary Peer already had a firm understanding of video as a communication medium and its ability to transform the real estate landscape.Phillip_Gary

“Before the Internet even existed, Phillip and I would film our auctions on VHS and Beta and then drop these into perspective vendors mail boxes to show them what we were capable of,” says Director Gary Peer.

“Originally we wanted to show ourselves as being different, but it was also an opportunity for sellers looking for an agent to know what we actually looked and felt like in the marketplace. Phillip is an extraordinary auctioneer and being able to show him in action turned out to be a fantastic listing tool.

“Video has always been a passion and an interest of ours and is something we have always paid attention to. It wasn’t until seven years ago that Visual Domain approached us to trial a new medium, which really took our business to the next level,” he says.

Visual Domain Director Daniel Goldstein says the duo have completely broken the norms of traditional video content and continue to push the envelope of what is expected in real estate marketing.

“Most real estate videos are quite formal but GPTV is fun and natural and very much unscripted. It’s relatable, and I think that’s what underpins their success to date, as well as being incredibly committed to delivering content to their viewers,” says Daniel.

The gamble to be innovative in the communication space paid off, with the business growing into an award-­‐winning company, which today employs over 90 staff across three offices.

Widely recognised within the industry and now with a handful of awards under their belt, the duo never lost site of the power of video, and today focus their attention on delivering a weekly GPTV episode, where they indulge their audience with ‘real estate variety’.

“GPTV is a lot of fun and I think people watching it really enjoy it; it’s got comedy, food, fashion, trends and sports; a bit of everything!” says Gary.

To check out GPTV, click here.

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