Getting Your Head Into The Game

Through the years I’ve been working with elite performers as well as rookies, this seems to be the biggest issue agents contend with. I’ve found it interesting to observe the events that occur just prior to the roller coaster ride beginning and one thing is always prevalent. They take their eye off the ball!! So which comes first.. the roller coaster ride or taking your eye off the ball?

The answer is very simple and unfortunately, when we’re in the middle of the roller coaster ride with our business, our heart is in our mouths, our palms are sweating, our adrenaline is pumping and all we want to do is scream because we’re going too fast to get off ! The last thing we think of doing is sitting quietly and going back to the basics to re”focus our attention on doing the things that make us money! And this is the only way you can get your head back into the game!!

Think of it this way, a business is just like a fish (see the illustration provided) and guess what? A fish ALWAYS rots from the head down. Just like our motivation! Motivation starts in the head and then directs the body to take action doesn’t it? Or at the very least it gives us the inclination or desire to take action. So, when the motivation diminishes, it diminishes in the mind first, and then the body is less inclined to take any action at all true or true? TRUE!!

And here is another piece of truth, your business didn’t start to ride the roller coaster over night did it? It’s usually a result of events, disappointments, lost sales, lack of attention and energy and probably a host of other occurrences which you actually witnessed happening over a period of time. You unknowingly failed to rectify or act upon these issues because you didn’t see them as important at the time they were happening. Just like the fish, it doesn’t rot over night, it takes time.

So, lets pull it apart and really take a good look at what happens before you jump on the roller-coaster and how your fish starts to rot when you take your eye off the ball.

Take a look at the fish illustration and notice that the VISION is the first point. Without vision the fish is blind and unable to maintain any movement because it doesn’t know where it’s going. Your business is no different. When your business has Vision, you have a purpose and a reason for being there which motivates you to strive for your results. Without vision, you’re likely to proceed slowly and become vulnerable to your predatory competition!

Next, the GILLS. This position represents the life, the energy, the passion, the culture of your business. The fish is unable to breathe unless the gills are functioning properly and without oxygen, the fish will surely die. Similarly, your business needs to have passion, energy and commitment to staying alive and being strong to ensure sustainability and viability. Without this energy and culture (even if you’re a one man operation) your business will begin to slow and become tired and cumbersome with every event feeling like it’s bleeding you dry.

Next, the FIN. The fin represents the fish’s ability to direct itself toward what it wants and where it wants to go. The fin acts like a rudder if you like. Without the fin or rudder, the fish is unable to move toward its food, its home, its prey or its play. Like wise, you’re business needs to have a clear direction AT EVERY GIVEN MOMENT to ensure you’re able to produce results, achieve have a clear direction AT EVERY GIVEN MOMENT to ensure you’re able to produce results, achieve you’re goals and maintain the profile you want to create for yourself in your area. Without direction, you will land up any where and nowhere. If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter how you get there does it? Direction is crucial!!

Next, the LATERAL LINE. The lateral line is a sensory line which runs down the centre of the fish’s skin to allow it to detect depth, movement and current. This is a crucial tool to fish as it sends a message to the control centre (the brain) informing it on how deep it can go, what is around it and which direction the current is flowing. Without it, the fish may find itself in unknown territories and unprepared to manage the onslaught of its competitors and risks drowning if it goes too deep for its breed. Now this lateral line represents the depth in your business and by depth I mean depth of experience, skill and innovation. Without depth of skill, knowledge, experience and innovation, you’re business will stagnate at its current level, be dragged by the current, back and forth and have no real ability to go with the flow or against it. Depth gives us the understanding of what is important when our business enters different phases (this is another topic), and it’s important to understand that sometimes innovation is necessary and sometimes consistency and patience is important. How much depth exists in your business right now? How clear are you on what is required to keep your fish afloat?

Next we have the TAIL. The tail provides the power!! The tail gives us the grunt to move forward and allows us to vary our speed between 100 miles an hour and stop. So if you feel like you’re not going anywhere in your business or you’re going around in circles, it’s because you’ve lost power. You’ve lost the ability to propel yourself forward, you’re motivation is probably non-existent and you’re really struggling to get out of bed and keep going. It’s highly likely you’re considering giving the game away or moving to another office or brand, but don’t even have the energy to research, contemplate or decide what you’re next move should be. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Well, unfortunately, its not until we get to feel like this that we notice things are not going our way. And the longer it goes on, the worse it becomes. For those that have been in the industry for some time and have experienced this scenario, you know that it can sometimes take weeks, months or even years to get out of the rut and start resuscitating your fish! Upon reflection, when you go over this analogy, I’m sure you’ll notice that things didn’t turn turtle over night. In fact, your business was starting to have a mind of its own some time ago, and you didn’t know what to do differently (depth) or you thought it was just the market and didn’t adjust the direction you were going (fin) and you were just going through the motions taking whatever came your way (culture and energy) because you didn’t stop to think about what you were doing, why you were doing it and what you’re ultimate purpose for doing it was (vision). So you see, your fish has been rotting for some time, but you didn’t know how to recognise the signs (depth) and now you’re at a stand still (power).

So, lets take a look at HOW you can resuscitate your fish!! Now you know the signs and have the opportunity to take the necessary action to re-ignite your spark in an entirely new fashion.

Create a VISION for yourself and for your business. Be clear on your purpose, your outcomes and why you’re doing what you’re doing in Real Estate. Include your team, your family and yourself in your vision. Make sure it lights you up and gets you excited. Print it out on bright coloured paper and pin it on your listing board or keep it on your desk to remind you of what you’re actually trying to achieve so that when the tough times hit, you’re able to maintain clarity and keep focused on your outcomes.

Take a look at the CULTURE of your business, even if it is just you as a single agent building your business. Look at what you’re putting out into the market place, your flyers; you’re advertising, your language, your presentation and your style. Does this represent the way you want to be seen or are you simply emulating what someone else has told you to do? If it is not a reflection of you and your personality, change it! Engage the help of a marketing consultant to create the type of image YOU want and then be consistent with what you’re communicating in every area of your business.

Become clear on the DIRECTION you want your business take. Write it down on a whiteboard each week or each day if you want to. Clarity is best maintained when it’s out of your head and on paper so that you can make room in your mind for thinking about the steps you need to take to achieve your direction each week or day. I’m a big believer in emptying your head as much as possible to allow room for creative thoughts and actions. This means doing a brain dump’ on to paper or a whiteboard as often as possible!

Decide the areas in your business and in your experience which require more DEPTH. It easier to know a little about a lot of things, but it’s harder to know a lot about a lot! So give this some thought and think about the areas in your skill and/or experience that you’d like to gain more depth, dump it on your white board and then pursue what ever avenues you need to ensure you equip yourself with the information, skill or experience that will give you greater depth and ultimately greater results!

Last but not least, TAKE ACTION! Start moving and don’t procrastinate! Move! The success of your business and your self esteem in your business is dependent on your ability to take action and to move forward!! The homework takes place in you’re ability to read these pages, and your results are achieved by your ability to TAKE ACTION!!

Good luck everyone and I’ll look forward to hearing about your results and your comments in our next issue of SOLD. If you have a topic or a question for our Real Estate Coach, Carren Smith, please forward your correspondence to paul@eliteagent.com We have numerous case studies being launched on the site to help you with different aspects of your business, each with actual issues, outcomes and comments from clients.

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