Footy field Tactics Psyche Coronis Team

Andrew Coronis doesn’t really follow US football, but he is tapping into the psyche of one of the greatest football coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi, to motivate his team of 15 agencies in South East Queensland.

The managing director of Coronis said, “it was Lombardi’s ability to teach, motivate and inspire players” that led him to create his own competition to literally rev up staff in a tough real estate climate using two high-end cars as a reward.

“Lombardi is famously quoted as saying ‘winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is,’ and it was that motivation I was looking for,” Andrew Coronis said.

“The difference between business and sport is sports people go out expecting the competition to be tough but in business we tend to moan when presented with a hard playing field.

“Yes, this is a tough economic environment, but this is when we need to get fired up, become creative and think outside the square to make a change.”

And what better way to inspire and motivate than with the chance to win a new car – not just one car but two cars – a BMW and a Mini Cooper.

Two prizes in a two-tiered competition evens the playing field for agents who are new to the business, or those who have not in the past had an above average touchdown rate.

“It’s about motivating, not flogging,” Andrew laughs. “Everyone has to be in with a chance to win – or, in the words of Lombardi, want to win – otherwise we are wasting everyone’s’ time.”

The competition kicked off in August, with 32 agents vying for the cars.

Both cars have hit the road and daily photographs are circulated via email of agents driving the cars, sometimes draped over the cars, with the message not to let this person keep ‘your’ car.

The contest is designed around the company’s pay structure. Since Coronis agents are paid a salary they earn ‘bonus-able’ dollars for the extra fees they bring in via commissions on sales.

“It really is win-win for everyone – and at the end of the day good for both buyers and vendors, because we are out there with renewed passion to get great results.”

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