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  1. Why would an existing real estate business want to speak to One Agency?
    There are basically two types of business owners who can benefit. Those that feel they are not getting value for money or paying out too much for their current branding, technology platform, website and marketing tools. Then there are those who feel a new fresh and exciting rebrand incorporating their existing identity, together with up to date IT and marketing package would help them compete against other up to date agents in their trade area.
  2. Given there are still tough times ahead, surely change is a big risk right now…
    There is risk with change and there is risk standing still. If an existing business can benefit from a better marketing format, latest on-line marketing tools, impressive website and a new, exciting image, then that business is better positioned to compete and survive. This serves to also increase staff morale and confidence with the business’s new direction and capability in the market place.
  3. Reducing operating costs of an established business can be difficult. What is your approach?
    Operating costs are the main reason most businesses either prosper, struggle or even fail. We have a strong ethos toward retained profit being the only figure that counts. Our philosophy says minimise expenses and maximise your take home. For instance, if an agent trades for an expensive main street frontage they may consider a lower cost premises as there is ample evidence across the industry that shopfronts are not required. We can substantially reduce agency costs for branding, technology, website and marketing tools with our low flat monthly fee that industry observation reveals as the lowest in the market today.
  4. Is increasing profit only achieved through cost cutting or is there a more involved profit strategy?
    Cost cutting is a critical factor as you can be flat out going backwards as I have been at times. After reducing costs to a workable level, the next step is to be as competitive as possible by being at the cutting edge of marketing and prospecting in your market place. One Agency has the latest and most potent marketing tools and operating platform to ensure the business has a dynamic profile and is equipped with the best technology to capture and nurture contacts for now and the future.
  5. How is One Agency able to offer such a low fee structure?
    One Agency has invested heavily in branding technology and marketing tools and can now offer to our members full access at super low competitive fees. The low fee structure derived from each licensee will provide an income stream as the group spreads nationally.
  6. Are there certain types of people or businesses that the One Agency model suits best?
    There is a broad base appeal from small and large businesses for the One Agency product. Whether a person wants to operate from the comfort of their home or wants to scale up to a large business, the choice is theirs and the fees are the same, minimal.
  7. What are the benefits of ‘licensing’ as opposed to ‘franchising?’
    Licensing is a less complicated agreement and operating method. As licensors, One Agency do not and cannot dictate how the business is to be conducted. There are no reporting requirements to head office on sales activities as we do not charge a percentage of sales turnover. Furthermore the licensee can choose the supplier of their preference for signboards, brochures, printing, etc. wherever they can negotiate the most attractive price. As licensor, we will pass on to our members attractively priced suppliers and in this way help each other without direction.
  8. On which Australian marketplaces are you focused?
    One Agency is attracting interest right across Australia for the simple reason that most agents need the same thing, a professional cutting edge marketing and operating vehicle that is economical to use. Due to the overwhelming response we have been receiving at One Agency, a decision has been made to allocate one Licence per postcode across Australia on a first in basis.

Paul Davies, Managing Director of One Agency, has been in the industry continuously since 1972. His experiences include owning and operating a number of large national franchises for 20 years including Ray White, PRDnationwide and then several successful boutique agencies. Paul found that large successful businesses did not necessarily equate to large profitability, and also identified the market’s positive response toward boutique agencies. Over the last three years Paul has devoted himself to sourcing the industry best in creating One Agency which is a blend of the popular boutique style businesses together with the power of a National brand.

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Paul Davies

Paul Davies is a real estate veteran who has owned and run many different models of real estate businesses over four decades. As CEO & founder of the One Agency real estate network, he offers a low-cost licensing model to help experienced agents start their own business. Visit www.oneagencygroup.com.au for more information.