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Technology = Time or does it?

Implementing and administering technology takes time and expertise. Choosing the right integrated platform reduces these commitments.

Enter the PortPlus solution.

Implementing and administering technology takes time and expertise. Choosing the right integrated platform reduces these commitments. Enter the PortPlus solution.

While ever-evolving technology has certainly enhanced our ability to deliver and meet our clients’ ever-increasing expectations, it also has created a whole new set of issues with regard to time management and skill sets among real estate office administrators.

An ex real estate industry professional took note of the growing realm of technology that was being built specifically for the industry and the type of functionality it offered. However, he also recognised that, as each new piece of technology was being implemented in a real estate business, it was requiring a lot of extra time to install, manage, and update it all during the day. With the goal of addressing these issues and applying the resulting software and web sites in practical industry situations, Eddie Lynch founded his business PortPlus almost ten years ago, and now provides technology and website solutions to approximately 2000 Real Estate offices across Australia and New Zealand.

According to Mr Lynch from PortPlus, quality full client management systems, e-marketing tools, websites and portals are integral to a successful real estate business, by providing your team with the best tools possible to ensure your clients real estate experiences are productive. However, if managing the various software is taking up too much time and creating more problems in the office, then the purpose of having them installed in the first place is effectively being defeated.

“The purpose of technology should be to make your life easier, provide more options and help you deliver the very best real estate experience to your clients.” However, many real estate agents find themselves getting frustrated with systems that are complicated or time-consuming, that they do not understand and where they require an IT professional to update information,” he said.

“Our main objective here at PortPlus is to give control back to agents, so that they are 100% in control of their over their web presence and client database.” PortPlus functionality enables agents to track client communications, track marketing campaigns and print management, and to manage data distribution to portals, statistical and KPI reporting, by keeping all data in one central location.”

Mr Lynch said that users can log in and access information at any time of the day or night, from any physical location, as the system is entirely web based. While being cutting edge and customised to meet the business’ needs, it is also easy for agents to use.

Another huge advantage of the PortPlus system, according to Mr Lynch, is that it is fully integrated, so agents don’t need to spend a lot of time inputting or extracting data on a number of different systems. Then, e-marketing material can be easily distributed to your database, all on the same system, without having to import any data and risk losing IP.

“We are focussed on providing IT systems and solutions that complement the work real estate agents do. This allows them to spend more time providing personalised and superior service to clients, instead of wasting time on administrative procedures, and thereby offering real value,” he said.

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