Put people in your photos!

As we established in my last article, photos and headlines should work together, always keeping HOODOO in mind. Choosing a photo that is not the front of the house, as the main photograph in your ad, is a paradigm shift for most Agents, as the industry has been doing the same old thing, for so long.

However, once we make that bold step, then we can take photographs that will complement and work with the headlines and the results can be quite amazing – very often, just like clicking on a light switch, from bad, dull, boring ads to great ads that instantly produce fabulous results for your sellers.

Living there – as we said previously, that is what property ads should be selling and what better way to show potential buyers what it would be like to live there once they purchase the home, than by putting people in the photos, enjoying themselves.Ian Grace

So now we take the next bold step by putting people and/or pets in your photos – it’s a great way to show people what they will be able to DO when they live there.

Remember our personal home we sold?

See how easy it is for the prospective buyer to project themselves into that picture, visualising themselves relaxing after a hard day, once they are living there?

When the buyer (who lived a 2 hour plane flight away) phoned me on the 4th day of our advertising campaign, he only had two questions for me – “do you get any noise from the highway” (which he saw from Google Earth, was about 1 km away) and “is that you and your wife in the spa? It was!

As you can see, I practise what I preach.

Another example of the main photo not being the front of the property and showing people, is when we worked with a local Agent to sell an investment property of ours.

Watch the waves - and the $$$ roll in
Watch the waves – and the $$$ roll in!!!

Once again, see how the photo complements the headline and specifically targets the investor market – we wanted an investor to buy it as a going concern, including all furniture and that was exactly who we attracted, achieving $6,000 more than the price in the ad after the campaign had only been running for six days.

I had a client in the US that was able to demonstrate how a great ad campaign can make an immediate dramatic difference in results. John picked up the listing for a property that had been on the market almost 3 years. The previous Agent couldn’t sell the home for $259,000. With a very different ad campaign, John had the property sold in just a few weeks, for a staggering $289,000 – yes, that’s right, $30,000 more than the previous Agent couldn’t sell it for – A pretty good result!

The headline:-

Ron and Janet recall the many family barbecues and get-togethers enjoyed on this patio

The photo?

I’m sure you’ve guessed it – a photo of a smiling Ron and Janet on their patio, next to the barbecue. Imagine how that ad stood out amongst all the other usual boring real estate ads showing nothing but fronts of houses – and the same with the other two ads shown above. They give life to the properties for sale and the prospective buyers can match it to the picture they already have in their own minds, of what it will be like to live in their new home.

I don’t wish to make this article too long, so don’t miss my next post, where we will talk about putting a media mix advertising camp together and understanding the synergistic effect of getting all your media to work with and complement each other, rather than viewing them in isolation – powerful stuff!

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