Working with buyers and sellers: Justin Nickerson

The National 2018 Auction Round Table presents some of our top Auctioneers giving their best tips for agents using Auction as a method of sale.

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The one thing for me that I wish agents knew about auctions was how much influence they actually have over buyer behaviour. We find that a lot of focus gets put into informing the seller and working with that seller throughout a campaign. We really feel that the agents have a lot of influence over the buyer behaviour, particularly in the last 72 hours leading up to the auction.
So, making sure that they follow-up with the buyers and they stay on top of the buyers all the way throughout that last crucial three-day period.
What we tend to find is the buyers drop away. The conversations they have with other people, telling them not to bid. A lot of cases, it’s actually the agent’s role to be the antithesis to that and make sure that they’re there on the day, turning up, ready to put their paddle in the air.
We really see the good agents who do their jobs to the nth degree are very, very good at making sure people turn up, and also having a preordained bidding strategy, so they’re successful on the day.

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