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Who’s representing your brand: Stu Benson

The National 2018 Auction Round Table presents some of our top Auctioneers giving their best tips for agents who might be considering Auction as a method of sale

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Using auctions in your marketplace: Josh Hart

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT I think in my marketplace one of the key things is actually using auction. We’re a marketplace which doesn’t regularly go down that track but an auction’s all about transparency and showing the full scope of where the market is at. So, I would encourage people in my marketplace…

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Using auctions to build on experience: Karl Secondis

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT My advice to an agent coming into real estate is to embrace the auction process because it is a fantastic platform to build your real estate career. It’s a great way to build your profile. Selling properties in less time, the days on market are reduced. You’re selling typically…

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National Auction Round Table Part 7: The Role of Video and Social Media

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT Steve Carroll: Are agents using social media well to promote themselves? To promote auctions? I’ll kick off with yourself. Alec Brown: I’m probably biased as an auctioneer. I actually love watching livestream auctions, or auction highlights. I think what is becoming a little bit tiresome is the ‘just listed’…

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Asking your buyer the right questions: Matthew Scafidi

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTI think the best piece of advice for agents when running an auction campaign is to have a really good relationship with the buyers.A lot of agents, I think, just go through the motions when they’re doing buyer callbacks, and don’t ask the more detailed questions to find out whether…

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The importance of vendor communication: Peter Gourdouros

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTFor all you agents that are thinking that auctions, you gotta remember that communication is the key. You got to communicate with your vendor at all times. The reason for that is, you communicate with your vendor all times, what will happen is you’ll get a great result in auction…

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Building a successful auction campaign: Will Hampson

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTSo, what really makes a successful auction campaign is great marketing, stand-out marketing, presentation of the property, having really good presentation. A lot of the estate agents are styling properties and presenting the property really well for sale.  Having excellent vendor communication throughout the process, and buyer communication to culminate to…

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National Auction Round Table Part 6: Auction Day

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT Steve Carroll: So I’m selling my house, this Saturday, it’s going to auction. What’s your advice to me as the seller? Should I go shopping that day? Should I be in the back garden? What happens? Gavin Croft: As an auctioneer, I certainly want the vendor there. Again it’s an…

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Engaging with your buyers: James Bell

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTThe advice I’d give to agents that I work with all the time is, clearly, to make sure that you engage with your buyers, know where they are throughout the whole process and really use them and their feedback and make sure that they’re prepared for the day.  Have buyer…

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National Auction Round Table Part 5: Becoming an Auctioneer

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTSteve Carroll: What’s the difference between an ordinary auctioneer and a very, very good auctioneer? James Bell: I think understanding the dynamic of buyer and seller. I feel blessed that I’ve had the ability to have sold in our industry for 18,-19 years, and be an auctioneer that has sold and can read…

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Auction as a method of negotiation: Gavin Croft

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTIn regards to auction, the one thing that I would have to say is that real estate agents look at it purely as a negotiation method.  A lot of people talk about running the process and the reality is it’s very, very, similar, almost identical to a private treaty. The only…

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Luck is not a strategy for auction day: Tom Panos

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT Guys and girls. Listen very carefully. The market no longer will put the deal together. Fear of missing out. Buyer urgency has eased.  You’ve got to be a deal maker and what that means is you’ve got to start having some real conversations within those throughout the campaign. You’ve…

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Working with buyers and sellers: Justin Nickerson

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPT The one thing for me that I wish agents knew about auctions was how much influence they actually have over buyer behaviour. We find that a lot of focus gets put into informing the seller and working with that seller throughout a campaign. We really feel that the agents…

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National Auction Round Table Part 3: Crucial Conversations

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTSteve Carroll: What I’m hearing from the table is there’s never been a time where the need to actually have a conversation, agent to seller, to say, “This is what you need to do. This is the value of your property. This is the strategies you should play.” We all…

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National Auction Round Table Part 1: Around the Grounds

Other videos in this series TRANSCRIPTSteve Carroll: Why don’t I kick off with, “What’s happening in the market at the moment?” We’ll kick off with New South Wales. What’s happening in the market in Sydney and wider New South Wales? Anybody can attack the question and jump in as you feel fit.Stu Benson: My clearance…

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