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Text for Success with Agent SMS

Every agent knows the frustration of a Monday morning’s-worth of buyer and vendor callbacks that result in many voicemail messages but few real conversations. With property investors increasingly committed at work and at home, and consumers regularly choosing not to answer live phone calls from unknown numbers, it’s a challenge for agents to form meaningful relationships through daytime calls.


That’s where industry-first texting app AgentSMS can step in to help change up your prospecting, making your communications more effective, timely and personal. Whilst you can never be sure of a purchaser listening to your voicemail, AgentSMS virtually guarantees that your important message will reach its recipient. Texts feel personal, emotional and are harder to ignore than other forms of communication like email or phone calls. A simple and quick way to connect with buyers post open for inspections, AgentSMS is also useful for time-sensitive announcements – such as properties selling prior to auction – in addition to open for inspection and auction reminders. Packed with easy-to-use templates, AgentSMS ensures your communications are professional and to the point every time. Just because you’re using a ‘casual’ form of communication doesn’t mean you can risk the unprofessionalism of typos and inaccuracy! We spoke with real estate industry veteran Tony Grgic about the impact AgentSMS’s intuitive technology has had on his client relationships and database management. “I’m able to quickly group and send a bulk SMS to my clients. All my important contacts are stored on my phone, so the app affords me the opportunity to broadcast messages when I need to. Using SMS makes sense when communicating important information in a timely fashion – I am assured all selected clients will receive my SMS and I can quickly qualify those who are interested in transacting.” Has Tony enjoyed any memorable success courtesy of AgentSMS technology? “Yes – I had received an offer from a buyer. I quickly sent a bulk SMS to other interested purchasers using one of the templates in AgentSMS. I was able to secure an extra $20,000 for my owners by just sending one SMS using the app.”

AgentSMS will see your daily productivity improve and your stress levels decrease. No longer will you need to race through a call list to make sure all relevant parties are aware of a critical event during a property transaction. Do you have a ‘hot buyer’ list? Consider putting these important clients into your AgentSMS app and texting them when appropriate with other relevant listings in their area, recent sales or buyers interested in their property off-market. AgentSMS-powered lead generation is so valuable, giving the client the attention they deserve in a context that helps to demonstrate your commitment to their interests and your local expertise.

To get the most out of prospecting with AgentSMS, best practice is to keep client groups within the app to 100 individuals or fewer. Divide them up in any number of ways: hot prospects, hot buyers, vendors or landlords in a particular development, owners in a street – the prospecting possibilities are endless! Just remember: as with any form of communication, be thoughtful when SMS-ing clients. Is the message important? Is it relevant? Should it feel ‘spammy’ or irrelevant, think again. Keep the power of SMS potent by using it when appropriate.

Worried about escalating technology costs? AgentSMS is super cost-effective – it’s free to use if you are on an unlimited SMS plan – but do bear in mind that you need to abide by your telco rules, which do have limits of fair use. Unlike many complex real estate software database systems, AgentSMS doesn’t require a highly technical set-up or personal logins. In fact, once you’ve downloaded the app to your iPhone or Android device you’re ready to go!

Learn more about AgentSMS by visiting AgentSMS is available now at the app store for a flat fee of $24.95.

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