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  • Timeliness, insight, perspective: A look into REA’s new reporting tools

    Ben Auchettl understands the key to a successful marketing campaign is being armed with the right knowledge. The National Sales Director knows agencies and agents need to watch the market to get a handle on what branding and advertising strategies are working right now. Ben, who is also responsible for products such as Premiere,…

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  • Meeting on the move

    When it comes to servicing vendors and buyers, today’s real estate agent is on the hunt for every edge to stay ahead of the game. The big question is, how are you using technology to make this more straightforward? More than ever, high-level teams need to be able to work remotely as they are always…

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  • Elite Agent The News Source for Real Estate Professionals

    Digital Live to return in 2020

    Digital Live will be back bigger and better than ever next year, with one concrete purpose; to move the real estate industry forward in its knowledge of all things digital, while improving access to education for disadvantaged children. It’s no secret that the digital world can be confusing. In an ever-changing market driven by digital,…

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  • Growing your adjacency revenue the easy way

    With declining fees and falling revenue streams hurting many agents around the country, it is more important than ever to maximise every cent you’re earning. A new product allows real estate agents to monetise many of their preferred supplier relationships and create an additional passive stream of income for both agents and agencies. ezecomply starts…

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  • CEO warns real estate industry has reached its ‘technology intersection’

    Douglas Driscoll, CEO of award-winning real estate group Starr Partners, believes the real estate sector has reached its ‘technology intersection’. While innovation enables agents to automate and digitise their processes, he says it poses problems for an industry that needs to learn how to strike a better balance between implementing cutting-edge technologies and retaining the right…

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  • Better buyer engagement: 30 minutes with DIAKRIT’s Dick Karlsson

    We’ve heard it time and again, content is king of the digital realm. But in real estate, it’s not just any content that counts. In a slowing market, the buyer is in the driver’s seat, and they’re more educated, time-poor and expectant of service than at any time in the industry’s history. “It’s no secret…

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  • To market, to market

    Bread, milk, butter and a house. That may seem like a highly unusual, if not impossible, shopping list but modern technology has combined with the smarts of a Melbourne real estate innovator to make it possible to buy a home at the same time as picking up the groceries. Market Share Property’s David Stewart won…

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  • Agents, tech or both? The agency of the future

    Advances in technology shape every aspect of our daily lives, from smart kitchen appliances to the implementation of 5G. Conversations have turned from how Augmented Reality (AR) will impact society to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionise life as we know it, even the real estate market, and it’s going to happen sooner than you…

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  • How to boost your website traffic through search keywords: Lucas Bikowski

    Understanding the keyword research process is key to earn a high ranking on search engine pages, especially with users relying on Google for their queries. Keyword research is the process of discovering the specific words and phrases potential customers are typing into search engines to find agencies in your area. This requires you to research…

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  • Time for a technology appraisal?

    It’s that time of year again; the holiday break is a distant memory and our focus shifts to hustling hard and chasing sales targets. But there’s no point focusing on your goals if the things surrounding you in your business are holding you back. Having your tech audited and analysed early in the year can…

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  • Can your digital marketing be streamlined?

    What can you tell us about Artspeed Evo? Artspeed Evo will revolutionise the way agencies tackle their marketing. The dynamic elastic templates reduce the number of artwork templates for most brands by typically 90 per cent. Think about that for a second. Most brands require hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand templates to deal…

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  • The real deal : Josh Phegan

    The five to eight-year short-term debt cycle has entered a new phase. After unprecedented growth we’ve moved into contraction. Since the GFC, world banks have flooded the market with cheap credit. Cheap money leads to an increased supply of cash.   People rushed to the banks, borrowed money at low interest rates and bought. They bought houses,…

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  • To 2020 and beyond- REIQ summit 2019

    With the evolution of technology, digital creations and products, virtual reality and artificial intelligence progressing at warp speed, you’d be forgiven for thinking we humans may be living on borrowed time. Steve himself is a champion of change and a leader in the futurist thinking world. He has developed a full-sized, air-powered Lego hot rod,…

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  • Smart screens that can double up as splashbacks: the latest tech release from CES

    This year’s CES was the biggest and brightest in the event’s history, with 180,000 people in attendance as 4,500 exhibitors showcased their wares. Among those leading the charge were innovators in the smart home, with a range of new gadgets and new technology set to hit the market this year. So what are the major…

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