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Justin Miller revolutionising real estate business on the Gold Coast

In an industry known for its competitive nature and constantly evolving landscape, the Gold Coast’s Justin Miller stands out as a visionary leader, empowering agents and transforming the way business is conducted in the region.

Owning one of Australia’s leading RE/MAX offices and as this year’s Eagle Award recipient, the highest individual honour given by the network, Justin has harnessed his passion to achieve success for his business and his teams by creating an environment that empowers real estate agents to thrive.

As a strategic business coach and mentor, Justin leverages the situational leadership model to tailor his coaching and leadership style to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual agent or team.

This personalised approach ensures agents receive customised guidance and support, maximising their potential for success.

“I am a strategic business coach,” Justin explains.

“It is my key responsibility to work with my agents to identify their unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

“Only through effective communication and active listening can I truly understand their challenges and aspirations, then tailor strategies to address their specific needs.”

By analysing market trends, sales techniques, and negotiation strategies, Justin assists agents in refining their skills and developing effective marketing strategies.

He also provides guidance in establishing and maintaining strong client relationships, building a solid reputation, and staying ahead of industry trends.

Adopting a mentoring approach, Justin shares his expertise in the real estate industry.

By leveraging his knowledge and experience, he assists agents in developing a comprehensive understanding of the real estate landscape and equips them with the necessary tools to remain competitive and excel in their field.

“Building cohesive teams is massively important, along with coaching and mentoring,” Justin emphasises.

By promoting trust, open communication, and collaboration among agents, Justin creates an environment where ideas can be shared, learning can take place, and problems can be collectively solved.

“There’s clear accountability, with agents taking ownership of their work, setting goals and continuously striving for excellence; and healthy conflict fosters innovation and growth,” he says.

Integration of independent offices: a success story

About three years ago, Braden Lamb found himself at a crossroads in his real estate career.

He felt he had reached the limit of his potential in his current office and realised that, to take his business to the next level, something had to change.

He connected with Justin to explore the possibility of joining the Regency team under the RE/MAX model.

Although happy with the prospect, he opted to stand alone and launched BL Property Co in August 2020.

Justin tells the story: “After the initial excitement of being a business owner, the challenges of day-to-day business ownership started to impact on Braden’s ability to focus on what he did best, list and sell,” he says.

“He found that transitioning from a selling principal to a non-selling one was great in theory but almost impossible to implement, and he found himself having to sell to keep the business running.

“After two-and-a-half-years, he felt he’d struck a roadblock.

“While his business was successful and his income was good, the profitability of his business was far from what he desired. Overheads and expenses were eating into most of his earnings.”

It was at this point that Braden reignited the conversation with Justin about plugging his business into the RE/MAX model.

“I could provide all the services that were currently impacting Braden’s bottom line while freeing him up to leverage his sales skills to the maximum,” Justin says.

“With the RE/MAX Future Wealth program, he found the opportunity to build an asset without the headaches.

“He joined RE/MAX Regency with his EBU (Effective Business Unit).

“He will continue the growth path of his team; and with the RE/MAX Regency structure, he is able to strategically realign roles, creating more opportunity.”

With all the administrative burdens taken away and Justin’s mentorship, Braden turned himself and his team into a lean, profitable machine.

His original enthusiasm returned, and he is now genuinely excited about the future.

Justin refers to Braden’s time as a business owner as the ‘school fees’ he had to pay to reach this point.

“Braden’s experience as a business owner has given him a unique perspective that few real estate agents possess,” Justin says.

“He can stay in his genius zone, leaving all the administration and business frustrations to RE/MAX Regency to manage.”

It’s all about empowerment

Justin empowers agents to elevate their business and achieve remarkable success through his committed role as strategic business coach, mentor and visionary leader.

His focus on building cohesive teams, integrating small independent offices, and recruiting high-performance agents has transformed the way business is conducted in the region.

Braden’s success story exemplifies the benefits of integrating an independent office into a model that allows agents to focus on their core strengths and maximise their sales skills while leaving administrative and business management tasks to the experts.

By leveraging the services and support provided, Braden significantly improved the profitability of his business, regained his original enthusiasm and can confidently expand his team and grow an asset without associated management headaches.

Justin demonstrates how, like Braden, real estate agents can unlock their full potential, thrive in a competitive market, and build a sustainable and profitable business through guidance and support – and the right business model.

Find more about RE/MAX Regency here.

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