On 29 April, 30 of the industry's finest traded their pressed shirts for Lycra and their appointment diaries for bicycles to ride 500km across Thailand to provide for the children of Thailand.

Here are some of the highlights.

Route Maps Day 1-5

Images from this year's Ride to Provide

More about The Ride to Provide

Episode 75: Leading with heart and innovation: Peter Baines OAM

While you might not be familiar with the work of Peter Bains OAM many of you will clearly remember where you were when you heard about the Bali Bombings in 2002 or the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The identification of victims of both of those disasters fell to those who were first on the ground, in many cases Australians including Peter who was one of the team leaders.

In this podcast, Peter speaks with Samantha McLean about motivating teams and leading with innovation especially through times of uncertainty and even crisis, including the role that culture and shared experiences play in both situations.

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