Quartet of Ray White Auckland bays offices recommit to group

The continued commitment of the offices owned by Wayne Maguire and his partners, according to Ray White New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Daniel Coulson, is great news for the company.

The Announcement:

The Ray White offices of Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St Heliers and Stonefields, under the leadership of Wayne Maguire and partners Ricky Cave and Richard Lyne, have recommitted with the Ray White group for a further term.

Joining Ray White in 2014 with the office in Mission Bay, the company has continued to grow across the bays and eastern suburbs of Auckland with a further three offices. During the past 12 months market share for the Ray White Group has seen a further rise in the Bays with Mission Bay at 55 per cent, St Heliers at 46 per cent and Kohimarama at 64 per cent.

Wayne Maguire, Chairman Elite business owner said he looked further to further growing the business with Ray White.

“With the support of our leadership team, our business has built a platform focused on our auction business which has enabled us to build out other efficiencies within our business, particularly that of supporting our salespeople in growing their individual capacity to perform at higher levels for clients and achieve the very best outcomes,” he said.

A leading salesperson with Ray White, Ricky Cave, who is also part of the leadership team, said each of their offices played an integral role in the business.

“While the company works together as an integrated team with sales and property management, the importance of the individual office locations is emphasised through the community relationships each of our salespeople have in the various locations,” Mr Cave said.

Richard Lyne, who leads the Kohimarama team, said their collective businesses were very strong together.

“This allows us to increase our success rate given the reach of our Ray White businesses and the strength of the Ray White Group,” he said.

“The technology systems supplied through the group give us an edge which has allowed our business to be a market leader in many of the areas of the eastern suburbs of Auckland.”

Ray White New Zealand CEO Daniel Coulson said the ongoing commitment of the offices owned by Mr Maguire and his partners was great news for the company.

“Our business has significant strength in the eastern suburbs and bays area of Auckland,” he said.

” The success of the business not only rests with listing and selling real estate but also has a significant community support program which adds to the values of the business.”

The business includes more than 60 people on the team, across the sales team and property management. Each of the office locations is significant, with the Mission Bay office being awarded the best presented office across the Ray White Group in 2022.

Ray White New Zealand executive chairman Carey Smith, who was part of the original onboarding with Mr Maguire’s Mission Bay office in 2014, said that the group Mr Maguire leads had really lifted its capacity over the last number of years.

“With the growth of the business in the bays and eastern suburbs, market share has continued to lift with their focus on auction marketing,” Mr Smith said.

“Wayne, in his own right, has continued to develop his personal leadership skills and, along with that, has given opportunity to his partners and many within the business to grow. This has delivered great results for those who come into contact with the business.”

Source: Ray White Group

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