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First National announces SA and NT 2020 award winners

First National Real Estate’s South Australia and Northern Territory agents celebrated their annual night of nights last weekend.

The group’s SA and NT agents were presented with their 2020 General Excellence and Marketing Awards at Hilton Adelaide on Friday night. 

The 2020 awards introduced two major new award classifications – Magnificent 7 and Elite.

These awards incorporate 15 property managers, salespeople and offices that have excelled throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

First National SA/NT State Chairman, Andrew Doyle, said the changed award categories better identified the value property managers and sales agents brought to customers.

“Our Investor Relations Management award title accurately recognises the critical role property managers play with the $50 billion worth of real estate assets under First National’s management,” Mr Doyle said. 

“These managers are highly trained, expertly connected members of our local communities; the foundation of every successful real estate agency.” 

He said the First national network couldn’t be prouder of the efforts and results of investor relations managers and salespeople played during what had been “a year like no other”.

The Magnificent 7 Number One Sales Office of the Year award went to  First National Real Estate People’s Choice (Gawler, SA).

Magnificent 7 sales office awards winners included FN Peoples’ Choice (in Gawler, SA), which was awarded the Magnificent 7 No 1 Sales Office of the Year; and FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT); FN Framptons, Alice Springs (NT); FN Burton Groves (Tea Tree Gully, SA); FN Taylor’s, Para Hills (SA); FN Lewis Prior, Warradale (SA); and FN Riggall, Prospect (SA).

The winners of the Elite Sales Office awards were FN Broken Hill (NSW); FN Marschall (Waikerie, SA); FN Murray Bridge (SA); FN Nitschke (Mt Barker, SA); FN Parker Kershaw (Golden Grove, SA); and FN Salisbury (SA).

The full list of the rest of the night’s winners is below:

The winners of Magnificent 7 Investor Relations Management office awards were: 

  • FN Framptons, Alice Springs (NT) – Magnificent 7 No 1 Investor Relations Management of the Year 
  • FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • FN Lewis Prior, Warradale (SA)
  • FN Riggall, Prospect (SA)
  • FN Taylor’s, Para Hills (SA)
  • FN Murray Bridge (SA) 
  • FN Burton Groves (Tea Tree Gully, SA)

The winners of Elite Investor Relations Management awards were:

  • FN Broken Hill (NSW)
  • FN Marschall (Waikerie, SA)
  • FN Nitschke (Mt Barker, SA)
  • FN Parker Kershaw (Golden Grove, SA)
  • FN Salisbury (SA)

Karlie Ridley of FN Lewis Prior (Warradale, SA) was named Magnificent 7 No 1 Business Development Manager of the Year.

The winners of Magnificent 7 Investor Relations Manager awards were:

  • Michael Bongiorno, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Roger Tebeck, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Denise Harvey, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Nathan Janda, FN Salisbury (SA)
  • Gloria Wright, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Helen Feeney, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • Cherrie Dodd, FN Riggall (Prospect, SA)

The winners of The Elite Investor Relations Manager awards were:

  • Ankita Rayal, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • Jane Harvey, FN Riggall (Prospect, SA)
  • Kelly Pengilly, FN Burton Groves (Tea Tree Gully, SA)
  • Leesy Shugg, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • Lisa Leonardis, FN Riggall (Prospect, SA)
  • Maddy Nitschke, FN Nitschke (Mt Barker, SA)
  • Mohan Nathan, FN Riggall (Prospect, SA)
  • Tim Hissey, FN Nitschke (Mt. Barker, SA)

The winners of Magnificent 7 salesperson awards were:

  • Grant Fielke, FN Peoples’ Choice (Gawler, SA) – Magnificent 7 No 1 Salesperson of the Year
  • Brett Lewis, FN Lewis Prior (Warradale, SA)
  • Jakub Ratajczak, FN Taylor’s (Para Hills, SA)
  • Michael Keith, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • Robert Stell, FN Peoples’ Choice (Gawler, SA)
  • Jeremy O’Donoghue, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)
  • Connie Tripodi, FN Burton Groves (Tea Tree Gully, SA)

The winners of The Elite Salesperson awards were:

  • Andrew Doyle, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Bradford Stevens, FN Riggall (Prospect, SA)
  • Dominic Miller, FN Framptons (Alice Springs, NT)
  • Kim Henley, FN Burton Groves (Tea Tree Gully, SA)
  • Mitchell Halpin, FN Broken Hill (Broken Hill, NSW)
  • Shawn Nitschke, FN Marschall (Waikerie, SA)
  • Sylvia Presepio, FN (Murray Bridge, SA)
  • Tim Mackenzie, FN O’Donoghues (Darwin, NT)

A range of specialist awards were also announced: 

  • Administrator of the Year – Jade Stell, FN Peoples’ Choice (Gawler, SA)
  • Receptionist of the Year – Zoe Agnew, FN Peoples’ Choice (Gawler, SA)
  • Property Manager Rookie of the Year – Maddy Nitschke, FN Nitschke (Mt Barker, SA)
  • Spirit of Community Award – Hannah Trevilyan (Business Growth Manager)

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