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  • What matters most

    Why is there the need for more innovation in property management in Australia? It’s because renting a property is such a difficult experience in this country,filled with administrative tasks – from communicating with stakeholders, filing paperwork, meeting legal requirements or dealing with maintenance issues. This rings true for everyone involved in the process. Also, today’s…

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  • Toad-ally got this: Debbie Palmer

    One of my favourite stories that I share in my coaching and training sessions is about what was thought to be an incurable disease within the property management department. The story starts as most do. Once upon a time, there was a man with an incurable disease known as toadulitus. He had consulted many doctors…

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  • The best way to handle negative reviews

    The latest review platform, outside Facebook and Google, for property management departments, is a website called ‘Don’t Rent Me’. I recommend you check it out if you’re not familiar, to see whether you or your agency has been featured on what they call ‘The Wall of Shame’. Following many telephone calls and messages from property…

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  • How to perfect the customer experience: Danelle Hunter

    “I don’t like being quiet,” says Danelle Hunter. It’s why she chose a career in property management and what keeps her so responsive to her clients. Danelle’s customer service dedication culminated in 2017 with a win at the AREAs, where she took the title for Excellence in Customer Service – Residential. But it’s clear that…

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  • How Transparency Creates Trust: Jess Kindt

    It is widely known that real estate agents are categorised amongst the least trustworthy of professions within Australia. So how do we turn this stigma around with our clients? How do we establish a relationship of trust so that we can build loyalty amongst our client base? No one has all the answers, but since…

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  • Lauren Kirk: Is Your Customer in Control?

    When it comes to service, consciously or unconsciously your customers expect you to provide an excellent experience at every point of the transaction. Lauren Kirk looks at what you can do to meet their expectations while staying in control of the process. Think about the way you communicate: emails, texts, Facebook messages, WhatsApp, phone calls,…

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  • How to achieve a 100 per cent customer retention rate: Danelle Hunter

    Keeping customers content is one of the biggest challenges of the real estate industry. While property continues to be Australia’s preferred method of investment, owners seek assurance that their agent is managing their asset with utmost care and many won’t settle for anything less. Danelle Hunter has five simple steps to keep your customers smiling…

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  • How to make the property manager switch seamless this Christmas: Danelle Hunter

    To landlords, changing property managers can seem like a lot of effort, and it is often perceived as something that requires painful amounts of paperwork and rep tape. In fact, I have known customers who have chosen to stay with sub-par property managers far longer than they should have – simply to avoid the headache!…

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  • Great Expectations

    Technology can help you to create the best possible experience for your clients. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on the right technology to elevate the client experience and effectively position your business for the future. 1. DOES IT MAKE INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE? You don’t need to control every bit of information…

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  • Tennis or Paintball?

    COMMUNICATION WITH clients is key to succeeding in our industry, as we have all heard. However, many workshops and seminars fail to give us critical information on what to say within the conversation to achieve the goal, or how to get our message across effectively. Rebecca Fogarty explains how to serve up a great dialogue.…

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  • The Great After-Hours Phone Debate

    A CURSORY GLANCE THROUGH any of our industry social media groups shows story after story about the trials and tribulations of being responsible for the dreaded after-hours ‘emergency’ phone. In an industry renowned for staff churn and burnout, Brock Fisher asks: Why does it have to be this way? In a previous role was on…

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  • A Reputation for the Extraordinary

    How important is customer service in growing and sustaining your business? For Michelle Williams of @home Property Management Solutions, it's everything. However, she was disappointed when instead she recently learned many business owners are looking for a ‘quick fix’ solution to rent roll growth. Recently I was asked to be part of a round table…

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  • When Property Age Is an Advantage

    FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS who have older property listings on their books, a reminder about tax deductions can help secure investor buyers for older properties. Bradley Beer explains. While it’s sometimes true that older properties will later result in additional expenses due to the need to complete more regular repairs, many expenses involved in holding…

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  • property management communication

    Quality Time

    What's the difference between an average property manager and an amazing property manager? Many will answer: communication. But how can you be a great communicator if you are constantly rushed off your feet? Sophie Lyon takes a lesson from a gentler pace of life and reveals how to make every moment count. I had a birthday recently. Not a…

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