Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill is the Managing Director at Independent Property Group as well as a public speaker at conferences across Australia and overseas. For more information visit independent.com.au
  • Business Leadership

    Recruiting for performance

    If you’re a manager or leader you will likely have come across the age-old challenge of balancing values with results. It’s a tough question; how do you create a sustainable culture that balances and upholds set values and is equally performance driven? In any team, there are usually four types of performers. Jack Welch, Chairman…

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  • Elite Agent

    What goes on tour lasts long after the tour: Hannah Gill

    One of my favourite things about our industry is the focus on and range of professional development opportunities. We have no shortage of conferences, forums, round tables and resources to choose from. There are also so many quality and diverse trainers, speakers, coaches and facilitators, we’re spoilt for choice! In the last few years, I’ve…

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  • EPM

    5 ways to be a better leader

    When it comes to leaders I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. In every instance, the leader’s style heavily impacts the culture of the team and its success. Harvard Business Review refers to six types of leaders: The coercive leader This ‘do what I tell you’ style of leadership may have worked…

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