What goes on tour lasts long after the tour: Hannah Gill

One of my favourite things about our industry is the focus on and range of professional development opportunities. We have no shortage of conferences, forums, round tables and resources to choose from. There are also so many quality and diverse trainers, speakers, coaches and facilitators, we’re spoilt for choice!

In the last few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend study tours. If you haven’t heard of or had the experience of attending one, a study tour is usually a small group from a large agency or franchise attending another office or offices and having raw, open and transparent conversations about their businesses.

It’s a unique environment to be in, sharing openly with other industry professionals, and hearing their insights, challenges and successes in return.

I know some people feel threatened by this concept and I get it; sharing your secrets with another agent might sound ludicrous, but I challenge you to consider this: property management runs at a -6 net promoter score (NPS) on average and real estate agents come in at an average score of 12*. If as an industry we can be better, by learning from and helping one another, and that lifts our service standards, maintains the value of our fees and improves the industry’s reputation, aren’t we all winners?

It’s hard to pick only five, but here are my favourite things about study tours:

  1. It’s a unique way to learn as you are with a small group. This means more access to the hosts over a longer period of time, and the ability to ask lots of questions in a relaxed environment – no microphones or having to put your hand up.
  2. As you are visiting the agency, you often get access to the best practitioners, leaders and/or owners of that business. Having them openly and honestly share their stories with you is inspiring and motivating.
  3. You spend the best part of two days with the other agents on tour, so there is plenty of time to build meaningful relationships which will last well beyond the tour.
  4. The debrief sessions after each agency visit are also a highlight, as is the group dinner – there is always a buzz of excitement and renewed motivation as everyone talks about what they intend to implement in their businesses over a couple of wines.
  5. There is no shortage of tangible outcomes and implementation strategies because you hear not only the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ when other agents share their stories. This enables you to quickly and efficiently introduce changes to your business with a clear roadmap.

Collaboration and respect are key when attending study tours, and it’s important to be appreciative of being part of such a trusting and sharing environment. Ensure you give credit for the ideas you implement and successes you achieve.

On the topic of collaboration, Elite Agent is running a national series of property management/leadership study tours, facilitated by Gill & Hooper. It’s called Street MBA and kicks off in July, starting in Adelaide with visits to Harris Real Estate, Toop & Toop and Ouwens Casserly.

You can find more information or buy a ticket here:

Spaces are strictly limited so get in quickly.

*statistics from Perspective Australia NPS Benchmark report (2018)

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Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill is the Director of The Property Collective, REIACT President and one half of Gill & Hooper