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Highlights from Street MBA Melbourne tour

For Street MBA tour #2 we headed to not so sunny Melbourne, and what an insightful tour it was. 

We had three well-respected agencies on the agenda and were hosted by exceptional operators: Sophie Lyons and Sam Nokes from Jellis Craig, Simon Fung from Woodards and Evan Thornley from LongView (aka the quiet achievers). 

Unsurprisingly, key takeaways for this tour were similar to Adelaide: a passion for improving the client experience, the need for single client view and a focus on efficiencies, automation and figuring out the right technology stack.

Some key points that stood out were:

At Sophie’s office they have an in-house sales team for organic property management leads (i.e not attached to an agent) which they use as a starting point for agents to become confident and refine their skills before moving into a full blown sales role.

It’s a great way to create pathways and also ensure the client experience is maintained consistently between the property management and sales transition.

3D property tours were another focus point on this tour. Sam and Simon have both been using them with great success as a listing tool, prospecting tenant tool and as evidence in VCAT. This resonated well with some of the tour group who have recently started doing the same.

Simon’s passion for training and culture really shone through. Woodards offer frequent training, follow-up quizzes and lots of coaching. And a favourite among the group was the ‘cash pillow case’ where the team member who scores highest on the quizzes gets to grab as much cash out of a pillow case as they can in three seconds. Got to love simple yet effective engaging team activities.

LongView was our last stop, and a really interesting group to finish with. If you’re not familiar with them, check them out (Kylie Dulhunty recently did an interview which you can check out here).

They’re doing some interesting things guided by data – guaranteed rents, diversifying revenue streams and as a result, scaling quickly. Being a relative newcomer, they also have the benefit of no legacy systems, culture or processes so they are nimble and agile, which we all know is essential in remaining relevant and making change happen quickly.

All in all, another great event. Lots of ideas for the group to think about and debrief about over meals, which we all enjoyed in abundance – it’s safe to say we ate our way across the city!

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Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill is the Director of The Property Collective, REIACT President and one half of Gill & Hooper