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We are always looking for Real Estate Industry experts who can “write up a storm”. So if you can write great articles or opinion pieces, that can fit our mantra of “Learn from the Best” – then we want to hear from you.

Why write for Elite Agent Magazine?
Elite Agent Magazine is the new independent voice of Real Estate Professionals in the Industry. Writing for us, and having an article published on our site (and in our magazine) gives you a some additional recognition and exposure to the industry that you may not have blogging on your own. We also have a large subscriber base and following both via email in “The Brief” and on our Social Media properties where we will promote your skills and expertise.

Here’s what we are looking for

  1. The submission must use perfect written English – free of grammar and spelling errors. Please only use one space after a full stop, not two.
  2. We’re looking for something that will engage our audience, that they’ll find useful and interesting… a good start is to have a look at some of the other articles on this site. Controversial is OK, so long as it is well thought out and well argued.
  3. It absolutely must be of value to Real Estate Professionals. This means people in the business of Real Estate and it must have a theme it must fit into our mantra of “Learn from the best” and we really mean that, no advertorials will be permitted as editorial articles. Think about solving problems a real estate agent might have or providing “top tips” or something like that. Popular articles are those that help the agent to List more, sell more or be more efficient.
  4. Ideally it will be an original, unique and interesting topic and area. Please google the site first, we don’t want to cover old ground, unless it’s warranted. Both online and offline, the  magazine’s content covers a broad range of industry topics including the areas of training, sales, business development, finance, management, case studies, and the Leased section – specifically for property management topics. Whatever the topic, the article must help the reader to list more, sell more or be more efficient in their role. Our objective is to publish articles that will be of practical value to readers within the Real Estate industry. Each article must have a purpose – for example to explain a technique, raise or explore an issue.
  5. Finished articles should be between 650 – 900 words, and should have not been published anywhere else at the date of publishing, unless otherwise agreed with the editor.

We’ll take a look as soon as possible and get back to you with questions or comments. If you plan to write for us regularly you we’ll be in touch for a photo and a bio and we will create you a contributor account here so you can create your masterpieces directly on our site.

Published articles
Contributions may be edited for length, wordiness, spelling and grammar. Headlines and subheadings may also be changed or added in order to fit with layout or specs. In order to avoid clashes of topics or delays in publication contributors can check their proposed topic with the Editor prior to deadline.

Fees are not offered for articles on spec and will be published at the discretion of the editor. Articles or queries regarding editorial policy should be directed to Samantha McLean, [email protected]

Here’s how to submit
Just use the form below to pitch us with your article idea, we’re looking for a great title, and an interesting summary.


When your post is published, we will let you know so that you can share the love as well. We look forward to working with you!