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The Habits of Top Performers (in real estate) with Stephen Brown

This week, our Editor Samantha McLean was a guest on "Morning Learnings" by Stephen Brown show which is watched by agents all over the UK.

In this video, Stephen Brown talk with Sam about the habits of top performers, real estate experiences as a consumer, client nurture tactics, building relationships and much more.

Some of the Resources/Interviews we talk about in this show:

Podcast with Will Ainsworth
Lisa Novak
Sales is a Chain Link System
Owning the narrative
Transform 2021
Podcast with Mat Steinwede
Podcast with Tom Panos
Podcast with John McGrath
Podcast with Josh Phegan
Podcast with Claudio Encina
Podcast with Josh Tesolin
Podcast with Jim Remley
Claudio Encina on Safety, Certainty and Incontestible Value
(The podcast with Michael Sheargold will be out this week~)

Atomic Habits – James Clear
Game Changers – Dave Asprey
Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes

BJ Fogg Tiny Habits and Jim Kwik Limitless

Laptops for home schooling

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