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Safety, Certainty and incontestible Value: Claudio Encina

Video Length

59 min 17 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Do you want to know how to get your message across and create incontestable value in the eyes of would-be sellers during the COVID-19 crisis?

Would you like to know their three biggest fears right now and how to overcome them?

Then sit down and buckle in for a vibrant masterclass in creating the ultimate listing presentation with top coach Claudio Encina.

There’s no doubt many sellers are sitting on the fence right now but Claudio explains how you can use pen and paper to put yourself head and shoulders above any other agent to step foot in their living room.

Claudio explains how hand-drawn visual aids called The Property Clock and the 9-Step Framework can ease all sellers’ fears and create a blueprint for the sale of their home that makes them feel safe and comfortable in your hands.

In this video:

  • Claudio explains the current real estate climate including how COVID-19 has changed the state of play.
  • Why you need to ditch the fancy real estate pitch where you’re selling ‘the yacht’ in favour of offering clients a life raft.
  • Learn the three values potential vendors will buy from you, including what incontestable value is.
  • How to create incontestable value using visual aids and why using pen and paper helps you create a better connection with potential clients and win listings.
  • Sellers three biggest fears right now and how to overcome them.
  • Learn about the property clock – what it is, how it works and why it makes potential sellers more confident in their decision to sell now.
  • Claudio explains the 9-step framework to use to make sellers feel safe and comfortable selecting you as their agent. This is your incontestable value!
  • The three biggest fears buyers have right now and how to combat them.

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