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Owning the narrative and building your presence online: Tiffany Wilson

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21 min 05 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Do you want to understand how you should be communicating online in light of COVID-19, as you look to maintain meaningful engagement with your audience? 

Are you looking for insight on exactly the kind of content you should be creating to meet the needs of your audience right now?

Are you looking for tips and tools to help with developing and executing creative content ideas, even with limited time? 

Then look no further than this masterclass on building your online presence with award-winning digital marketing guru, Tiffany Wilson.  

With the current rapidly shifting landscape, Tiffany has witnessed agents either panicking about the situation and posting too much on their online platforms, or going completely radio silent as they fear saying the wrong thing. 

In this masterclass, Tiffany examines how agents can continue to be active online and deliver genuine value to their audience throughout COVID-19, using strategic, authentic and credible content.

In this Transform lesson:

  • Tiffany takes a deep dive into how COVID-19 has impacted the way agents are communicating online and shares her tips on navigating the evolving situation while maintaining engagement with your audience. 
  • Learn what the one piece of content you need to be creating right now is.
  • Understand the importance of bringing your authentic self to your online presence. 
  • Get the tips and tools to help you create and curate valuable content, without it becoming a drain on your time.
  • Learn how to build trust and credibility through online content.
  • Hear what Tiffany would do on social media each week, if she only had one hour available.
  • Delve into how property managers can up their online presence and what type of content might work. 
  • Understand that building an online presence is more about brand awareness than instant gratification in the form of a ready-made client.

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