What’s making news: Ryan Serhant, indoor plants, Luxe Listings and the rental crisis

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to real estate. And with so much happening it can be easy to miss a great news story, an in-depth podcast or the latest in industry trends. That’s why, each quarter we’re going to bring you a compendium of some of the best read, watched and listed to content from Elite Agent.

Some of the highlights include advice from Ryan Serhant on how to build a brand, Samantha McLean and Dave Skow recap Luxe Listings Sydney, the ideal indoor plant for your workspace and star sign and record low vacancy rates but skyrocketing rents.


Just start: Ryan Serhant on seizing the moment, global ambition, and the three pillars of building a real estate brand

The world’s most-followed agent talks about what it takes to build a brand that’s instantly recognisable and how he selects the agents he works with. Listen here.

The D’Luxe Nuts: The Domino Effect

When you’ve got no listings it might be time to start making deals like the top agents. Just make sure you have the right people in the right homes so the dominos don’t fall. Listen here.  

Making a difference: Adrian Butera on how to work with the community, be memorable and become an agent of choice

If you’re going to get involved in community work – make it something you are truly passionate about. Here is how Adrian does it.

The compound effect: Alexander Phillips on mastering the basics, building momentum, and staying at the top

If you’re short on time and want to learn from the best, check out this ‘short but very sweet’ episode on getting everything right. Listen here

The Trusted Agent podcast: Leanne Pilkington on overcoming fear and embracing the leader within

Hard to believe, but Leanne reveals to Sean Scoffield her battle with ‘imposter syndrome’ and how she overcame it. Listen here

Ryan Serhant

Short reads

  1. Real estate industry comes together to aid flood victims

But there’s nothing like tough times to bring people together, and agents lend a hand any way they can (some of them despite their own personal loss) Read more here

2. Rents to skyrocket thousands in 59 Australian suburbs

Propertyology’s Simon Pressley tip rents would rise $5000 in 59 suburbs this year, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. Read more here.

3. The ideal indoor plant to purify air in your workspace

We’ve introduced a new category of news story at Elite Agent – weird and wonderful – and it’s safe to say this story really hit the mark. Read more here.  

4. Vacancy rates fall to lowest on record

In February, the Domain Rental Vacancy Report showed the national vacancy rate had fallen to the lowest level on record at 1.1 per cent. Read more here

5. Rolling in the dollars: Adele set to buy Rocky’s house

We know you love a celeb home – and this six-bed, nine bath mansion with a guest house and putting green caught everyone’s eyes. Read more here

Longer reads

1. Hayley Van de Ven: Unlimited

Hayley Van de Ven started as a young agent striving to make her mark in the industry and has grown to become the savvy business owner behind two of RE/MAX Australia’s most successful brands. Read more here

2. Reinventing your listing presentation

New columnist and real estate coach Marnie Beauchamp explains how to reinvent your listing presentation. It covers everything from reinventing your delivery to build connections with would-be vendors to learning to listen more than you speak to understand your clients better. Read more here

3. How to get your foot in the door with the media

Editorial can get so many more eyeballs on your listing. When it comes to journalists, you need to build relationships too. Read more here.

4. Web 3.0, real estate and the trust revolution

Crypto, NFTs, Metaverses: If you don’t understand all of that here it is simply explained, for real estate agents by Samantha Mclean. Get across it here.

5. James Leslie: Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hold you back

Sometimes you need to push past that penchant for perfectionism and instead embrace the lessons making mistakes would create. Read more here.

Hayley Van de Ven


  1. Zoomathon recordings are now available FREE

More than 30 hours of fab real estate training from our February Zoomathon is available free on our App. Think like Leanne Pilkington, Rik Rushton, David Knox, Chris Helder, Mark McLeod, Steve Caradoc-Davies and so much more. Instructions on downloading the app are here.

2. The D’Luxe Nuts: Dave Skow and Samantha McLean

If you’re wondering if they would do the stuff on Luxe Listings Sydney in Wagga – you can watch special video editions of our most recent recaps of Luxe Listings Sydney with behind the scenes gossip, interviews with the cast, fun stuff and much more here.

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