The compound effect: Alexander Phillips on mastering the basics, building the momentum, and how to be a top-selling agent year after year.

Ever wondered how Alexander Phillips consistently ranks as one of the industry’s top-performers year after year? It’s not rocket science, it’s just the real estate basics done really, really well. Here he shares an insight into exactly what that involves…

Think of the industry’s top-performing agents and the name Alexander Phillips quickly springs to mind.

His 20-year career in Sydney’s prestige market as a partner at Phillips Pantzer Donnelley has consistently seen him ranked as a top salesperson in New South Wales and even Australia.

It’s obvious from both his results and his reputation this is no flash in the pan career built on luck or location.

Each year, Alexander sets goals, and works to improve on the results achieved the year prior.

It’s a compounding effect, built on strong foundations of real estate sales basics, executed extremely well.

In this Elevate podcast with Cass Charlesworth, Alexander offers an in-depth insight into this back to basics approach.

He discusses how he uses the telephone as a tool of choice, the ways he taps into his database to sell a high-volume of properties before they even hit the market, and how he surrounds himself with a team who are all driven to achieve incredible results.

It’s a no-nonsense episode that allows listeners a behind the scenes peek into exactly how Alexander spends his day, the conversations he has, and the goals he sets, then how he works to meet them.

He also offers some salient tips for agents starting out, talks about the right time to bring on an assistant and shares his perspective of what he believes the market will do next.

In other words, it’s a masterclass in real estate basics and exactly what it takes to get them right, then build on the results you achieve.

“My main goal is to lift my conversion rate to 75 per cent. So that’s on my computer every day. And that drives me to ensure we’re doing all the right things to secure listings above other agents and satisfy our vendors.” Alexander Phillips

Alexander and Cass also discuss:

  • How he fits in the time to make an average of 600-700 calls a week, and why each call is short and sweet but matters.
  • Why rapport is critical, and his advice to agents when it comes to picking up the phone and the mindset required.
  • The ways Alexander and his team maintain and utilise their database, allowing them to sell properties before they hit the market.
  • How Alexander ensures he has a work/life balance, including the way he structures his day and the role of his team.
  • The conversations Alexander has with vendors and how he brings them to market sooner, rather than later.
  • Why Alexander believes it’s important to bring on an executive assistant early, and what his assistant allows him to achieve.
  • How Alexander uses goal setting to compound his results each year, and why these goals help him reverse engineer his results.
  • The essential tools that Alexander relies on, and why it’s always a matter of using each really, really well.
  • What the Alexander team plans to achieve next, and how they will ensure they meet that aim.

Plus much, much more.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.