Top takeaways from AREC 2018 Day 1

The first day is done and dusted on AREC2018. After 21 years the conference continues to deliver a great lineup of both Australian and international guests. Here are the Elite Agent top takeaways from Day One of AREC2018.

Tom Ferry – The Three Pillars of Success: Mindset, Model and Marketing

  • Give yourself permission to live a big life. Human evolution is based on a growth mindset, and you need to give yourself permission to embrace opportunity and new chapters.
  • Step into what you were meant to be. Document your mission and values, and open yourself up to growth. A fixed mindset sees you give up quickly.
  • Stop playing small, you’re meant for greater things. Make quick decisions, because indecision is killing your business. You need to operate with the long view and make your business sustainable and repeatable.

Alexander Phillips and Pru Kelly – The secrets of running a process driven business unit

  • Do simple things right and with high intensity.
  • You can’t build a relationship through email or text. You need to take away all the vendor excuses by having everything done in advance.
  • Give contracts with comparable sales, strata reports, building and pest reports etc. Ensure buyers have all the info they need to make an offer.

Simon Cohen – Opportunity knocks

  • You could be so close to success, it might be a doorknock away. Those who succeed are those who go ahead and give something a shot.
  • Mindset is everything. Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right – the worst that can happen is a no, you would be no worse off than before.
  • The service you offer is what will separate you from the competition.

Taney Jain – From zero to $1 million in two years

  • Vendors don’t care about your awards – focus on your service, passion, energy and knowledge and you’ll get them.
  • Prospecting is oxygen for your business. From 5.30pm – 7.30pm is the best time to call – your competitors may be home, but so are your potential vendors.
  • You’re not just prospecting for a listing, but a potential future client. Note everything, build a rapport before going into business.

Peter Fuda – Beyond the superhero; how ordinary people achieve extraordinary results

  • The difference between success and failure is closer than you think, it comes down to just two per cent. To attain it you need to leverage yourself, leverage the game and leverage others.
  • Find your purpose, light the fire within, not the fire underneath. It’s all about contribution – the future belongs to those that out contribute the competition.
  • Turn stress into pressure – stress is debilitating, whereas pressure is a normal part of life. The difference between stress and pressure is the story we tell ourselves.

Megan Jaffe – Creating million dollar agents that endure

Nicole Gleeson – Attraction agent 4.0

  • You need to look good, you can’t afford to have a down day. If you look your best, you feel your best and your clients can relate best.
  • Create a signature style that aligns with your brand. It takes just three seconds for people to decide whether they like you and want to do business with you.
  • Pre-frame the possibilities of what might happen with a property. People are more likely to take your advice if you present it in advance.

Brendan Pomponio – Effective business units and the culture surrounding them

  • The lone wolf mentality isn’t sustainable in a real estate career. In order to have a sustainable career, you need to establish a good work/life balance as a team.
  • Teams allow you to stick to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. In order to have a good team make sure you create a great culture, outline your values, morals and resolve issues. Set a framework for your teamwork.
  • You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your team – everyone is equal.

Dr Fred Grosse – The best tools from 40 years of coaching

  • Remind yourself who you are regularly, so you don’t get caught in the extraneous.
  • Write out your ideal day, sign off every hour you stick to and don’t let people steal your time. Keep topping up your day to make it 10/10.
  • To change a habit you need repetition. Surround yourself with people on the same journey.

Dolly and Jenny Lenz – Luxury real estate

  • Focus on the client, not the transaction. The person who gets the listing is often the person who was sitting next to the seller most recently.
  • Follow up promptly – listen more, talk less. Take a step back and always make sure you know your stuff. Never rest on your laurels.
  • Most consumers start their search online and there’s no excuse not to be on Instagram. It’s all about engaging clients to get them to the next level.

Phil Harris – The personal economy

  • Great agencies understand that their core focus should be to provide an ecosystem around their agent. This involves systems, processes, training, support and coaching so the salesperson can get on with selling.
  • Be clear about what you want to become. What new skill sets do you need? Find ways to make yourself bulletproof.
  • The big difference between good and great agents is that great agents are consistent – a daily meeting is non-negotiable, each morning should be spent prospecting and the afternoons are for face-to-face meetings.

Peter Gilchrist – The personal economy, how to dominate in any market

  • Traditional marketing isn’t going to work anymore. Your marketing needs somewhere to go, and posting junk on Facebook isn’t going to help.
  • 14 million searches on Google each month and agents are nowhere to be seen. You need to claim your pixel, it tracks anyone who comes to your website and you can contact them again.
  • Do localised campaigns. Get involved with Facebook, get your databases tidy, get into the Google space, get thumbstoppers going – all lead back to your own website, with your own pixel.

Betty Ockerlander – The secrets of running a $3 million business

  • Look after your mindset – clear mental blockages, address limiting beliefs, create affirmations and be healthy.
  • Success is a moving target, not a destination. You can change today, tomorrow and your future, but not the past.
  • We all have something to give and it does feel good to give back.

Chris Helder – The power of influence

  • Are you being useful or not? Is this a useful income making activity or not? What are useful actions, activities and beliefs for you to have?
  • Positive thinking doesn’t work – it’s about useful belief.
  • This is the best time in the history of real estate. Why? Because agents are happiest in struggle. Embrace the struggle.

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