Episode 42: How to Build a Business Culture of Endurance and Growth with Megan Jaffe

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to Megan Jaffe, Principal of Ray White Remuera and speaker at AREC 2018 who shares her views on positionship vs real leadership, what makes her culture great, how like attracts like and why she can never stop learning.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Megan Jaffe


02:00 Megan’s first job as a registered nurse and what it has taught her
04:30 From nursing to cardiology to real estate and mentoring fellow agents
07:20 “I did an MBA; not because I wanted to do the MBA, but because I was absolutely rapt that people thought that I was intelligent enough to do one.”
08:10 What the first hour of Megan’s day is like
09:45 “I don’t take baggage from the day before into the day ahead, but I will take learnings through.”
11:10 A background into Megan’s business at Ray White Remuera
12:45 What draws agents and real estate professionals to visit Megan and the team
14:00 “The culture is created by the people who are inside this business. So it isn’t me, it’s us, and the neat thing is if I’m not here, it’s still the same.”
15:45 The shared beliefs that contribute to her company’s culture and its vibe.
17:50 The history behind the Ray White Remuera office building
19:50 How Megan created a private room in their office for vendors to watch their auctions
23:00 Ray White Remuera’s office building as a gift to the community
24:00 How Megan has built a company of service-excellence and endurance
25:00 “It’s not just what we do financially, it’s how we do it, and it’s why we’re doing it, too.”
26:00 Megan’s views on leadership in the industry and how it can be improved.
27:00 “I completely understand that we need to make profit. I totally understand our responsibilities as business owners. But when a person joins my company, I’m there for their growth.”
27:45 Positionship as opposed to leadership, and how this is reflected from current business owners and CEOs
29:00 Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t
30:00 Megan’s mentors and people who inspire her
32:50 “The role of a leader is to inspire and energise, because we can’t make anyone do anything. They’ve got to motivate themselves.”
34:00 The worst advice Megan has heard given to someone starting their real estate career.
35:00 What Megan has learned that she would do more quickly if she had her time over again
38:20 “If I can do this, anybody else can do this, too. It’s just how much they wanna do it and how happy they are to say, ‘Hey, this is just me.'”
38:45 What Megan will be talking about at the AREC 2018 conference
41:00 Vulnerabilities; why asking for help more will build a more blissful career and life.
42:00 Megan’s goals and where she sees the property industry heading in the next 12 months
45:00 The most important thing Megan is working on right now.
46:00 “As we go through change, rather than hiding and being alone, we come together and we support each other.”
46:30 Megan’s personal mantra: “Everything is as it should be.”
47:30 “Look in the mirror and not look out the window.” What’s getting in the way of you as opposed to comparing yourself to someone else’s life.
49:00 Megan’s thoughts on providing a leadership journey for principals: a ‘real estate MBA’.
50:00 Megan’s “why”; to inspire people to be true to themselves and reach their potential.
51:00 “People make a company great. A company doesn’t make great people.”

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