Episode 39: Creating Change and Eliminating Obstacles Preventing Growth with Peter Gilchrist

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to real estate coach, Peter Gilchrist, about what gets in the way of growth, how to approach change, the characteristics of number one agencies and why he has no interest in goal setting. He also shares the impact of digital and the five videos agents must have.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Peter Gilchrist


01:30 Peter’s takeaways from VAULT, 3-day workshop with Shane Smollen
03:30 The 4 major things number one agencies have
05:30 Understanding the concept of ‘busy-ness’
07:00 Why agents remain at a comfortable volume of listings. Watch Peter’s video on ‘Managing Volume’ here
08:30 How to respond to vendors who ask if you’ll be at their open
09:30 When you reach ‘busy-ness’, you’ll either ‘contract’ or ‘open’
10:50 Peter’s 15-min real estate caliper, first 3 listeners will get one free – contact us:
12:00 An agents’ inclination to set too many expectations to vendors
14:00 If you believe you’ll only get things done by doing it yourself, you won’t get past ‘busy-ness’
15:00 Delegate to your team: “The system creates the service.”
17:00 Neuroscience says changing our choices isn’t as easy as we think
19:00 “Awareness on how you’re wired allows you to go from $1m to $2m.”
21:00 Measure your ‘accommodation’ i.e.  how much you like to help others
22:45 Understanding your ‘Moment of Truth’
25:50 “You cannot delegate prospecting to hot and warm people.”
27:00 Train staff at your OFI to ask: “Are you renting? Is that why you’re looking?”
29:00 The five videos agents must have and use online
31:00 When producing videos, you must talk about the people listening to you
32:00 With relevance under question in real estate, we need to be providing value
34:00 If you set goals too far ahead, they won’t get done.
35:00 “Give up on the outcome.” This afternoon is more important than 12 months’ time.
39:00 Play to your strategy; the scoreboard takes care of itself.

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