Harnessing the Unconscious with Dr Fred Grosse

“My basic premise is to teach business people how to achieve everything that’s important to them before they die.” Dr Fred Grosse.

Dr Fred Grosse is many things to many people. He is an ordained Rabbi, a psychotherapist, a reputed business coach and a practitioner of Gestalt therapy. He is a popular speaker and a veteran of many ARECs past – indeed, he will be a feature of the AREC to come in June. In this exclusive interview, Elite Agent’s Samantha McLean shares Dr Fred’s ideas on the unconscious mind’s power, the concept of destiny within, and new role of the estate agent.

Unveiling the Unconscious
“I have the view that each person is a unique being with a fingerprint of talents, passions, beliefs, goals, hopes and dreams. My work is to pull it out of their unconscious. I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I’ve been a training therapist for 40 years – my exclusive work is with business people and entrepreneurs. My basic premise is to teach people how to achieve everything that’s important to them before they die. I believe that the goals which are of most value are meant to be achieved – having money, a particular lifestyle, being of service, being a mom or a dad – those achievements are the high point of life.

I teach people to harvest their unconscious. Everything you need is already inside of you – it needs to be reveals and systematised. So, I’ll sit with people and help them learn how to make more money or travel through all the countries of the world or ride in the Tour de France. A lot of people have glass ceilings, which I call poverty consciousness. My work is to help others externalise their unconscious desires whilst removing the mooring lines that prevent them from achieving their dreams.”

Destiny and All That Lies Within
“I believe that everyone has a destiny, although many choose to ignore their higher purpose. Your higher purpose is waiting to be discovered – you just need to look under certain rocks to find it. I believe that everything in your past and in your future is inside of you right now. I’ll be working on that at AREC this year. If I asked you to make a 20-year plan of what goals you’d like to achieve by the year 2034, I’d pull from you what you’d like to be in terms of fitness, what countries you’d visited, your wealth level, your company, your children and their ages. We could plan what’s going to happen 20 years from now – all of which is inside of you, but you just haven’t looked there as yet – and then we could actually implement it.”

Looking Under The Rock
“Agents have lots of dreams. They all have lots of goals. However, they may not know what they are because they cannot recognise them. They’re out doing a deal. It is easy to focus on the detail and miss your bigger picture. To see the bigger picture, an individual must change their paralysis habit, which is a way of shifting consciousness. You have to be willing to see the bigger picture – it’s already in your pocket.

If you’re asking a real question, I’ll give you a real answer. Many people ask questions they don’t want answered. They’ve decided they’d prefer to simply fit in. Most people are herd animals. Part of what I do is create mastermind groups where everyone is ‘looking under the rock’ – and before long, competing to see who has better stuff under their rock. Suddenly, new positive behaviours become the “in” thing rather than how many houses you sell and how much beer you can drink.”

Positive Real Estate Culture
The collective ideology is that you can create a community where ‘looking under the rock’ is normal. Most people are freaks when they make more than a million dollars in real estate – and nobody wants to be a freak. Things shift when you surround yourself with those making one or two million dollars a year, saying, “Come on! You’re lowering our average!” Then it’s a whole different game. It’s about being in the right environment. If you put people in the military, they learn to kill. You can put people in banking and they can learn to steal. The fact is, most people create environments to be stupid and poor. Real estate is not like that. Real estate is a business that allows you to print money if you follow the rules – and the rules are simple.

Agents must put themselves in an environment that inspires and encourages them to follow the rules. To prospect, list, negotiate, sell, keep a deal together and nothing else. In my practice we do time logs to see what you do with your 168 hours a week. Say you’re making $500,000 per year in gross commission – you’ll discover that you are worth $500 an hour in a dollar-productive sense. Any time that you’re at work (which may be 50 or 60 hours a week) and doing anything like data entry or getting coffee, you’re spending your money and time frivolously. Rather than listening to a whinging colleague over coffee (at a cost of $503 in coffee and time), you’d be better off making 15 calls to customers.

Wealth Consciousness
“You can’t become wealthy if you have no concept of wealth. This is called “wealthy consciousness.” If you see people who win the lotto, most of them lose their money years because they don’t have the skills to nurture, invest and protect money. There are things that people are good at like cooking, gardening or numbers – but most people I meet have no sense of how to deal with wealth. Wealth consciousness is what I teach. When I work with agents, I urge them to become business people with budgets and wills and trusts and the skills to protect their investments. A good real estate office teaches people how to create a gross commission and how to invest parts of it in their future so that they can live off that when they choose not to work full-time.

Many people feel awkward about being wealthy. Poverty sucks and I don’t think that anybody should participate in it. All you need to do is learn how to manage money and to create it, protect it, to grow it and then distribute it. That’s a learnable skill, just like playing basketball.”

Dr. Fred at AREC 2014
“One of the key messages I’ll deliver at AREC is that everything that you need to become very wealthy in real estate is already inside of you. Our job is to pull it out and implement it. Secondly, know that unless you live with an ideal day and week, you actively create chaos and lose yourself a lot of money. Lastly, remember that you need a growing edge. I call it “green and growing” rather than “ripe and rotting.” I’ll be showing how you can have continuous excitement and a growing edge.”

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.