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Feature Interview: Phil Harris with Sarah Bell

In our latest feature interview from the AREC2017 Elite Agent Studio, Sarah Bell talks to Phil Harris about competing with the real estate industry disruptors, and defining your personal success.


Sarah Bell: Welcome to the Elite Agent couch and AREC, Phil. Thanks for joining us.

Phil Harris: My pleasure. Great to be catching up again.

Sarah: And what have you made of the conference so far?

Phil: I thought there were some exceptional things that I picked up on yesterday. I think Bob Wolff was extraordinary. Everything that Bob spoke about was really things that every single one of us can be doing. It was a whole range of basic activities around daily prospecting, having simple goals written down, having a plan and a process for everything. So I thought that was outstanding.

Sarah: A lot of the speakers yesterday was a real return to the basics. How do you feel about that? There’s a lot of shiny distractions in there. Just talk to me about the basics.

Phil: There is still no excuse for not picking up the phone and talking to lots of people every day, and then also getting out there, interfacing face to face with five or six people every single day in your marketplace. Now social media comes on top of that, but if you’re not doing those couple of basic fundamentals, your business is going to struggle.

I just think that so many agents are looking to replace the hard work, and hard work is still there and always will be. People want to deal with people, and so you need to roll your sleeves up and verbally speak to people, either on the phone or face to face. That’s still gonna be a key ingredient for any great agent.

Sarah: A lot of the success stories that we’ve seen on stage have been about people that have failed and rebounded and that’s real. It’s too easy to wish for perfection, isn’t it?

Phil: I got, a long time ago, that perfectionism is probably the lowest habit that a human being can have, because it’s just not achievable. No one’s ever going to be perfect, and there are mistakes. There are learnings that are going to occur along the way, so if you have this expectation of comparing yourself to others, it’s just not a great way to go.

If you’re year one in a business and you’re comparing it to Harris at year seven in business, or a five year business comparing to 20-year operator. I think ultimately it comes down to looking at your personal resources, where you are.

Everybody wants to talk about sales gross commissions and things like that. Well if you’ve got an average sale price of one and a half million in Sydney, you’re gonna have a different commission to somebody who’s selling in Toowoomba.

So stop comparing yourself to what others are doing. Focus on where you’re at. Look at where you’ve got weaknesses. Look at where you’ve got strengths, and look to improve the weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

You’ve got to stay in your own lane. Everybody’s running their own race. You’ve got your certain skills and talents, and you’ve got a responsibility to fulfil those, not compare it to anybody else. And if you’re fulfilling that, then to me, ultimately, that’s what success is.

Sarah: I think that just speaks to what a fantastic citizen you are in our industry, Phil. Thank you so much for being that and for being just such a solid leader to so many people, and for joining us on the Elite Agent couch at AREC.

Phil: Yeah, my pleasure.

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