Insights 02 – Big Data and the Future of Prospecting

Insights Issue 02

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Welcome to Real Estate Leadership Insights 02

Introduction by Lisa Claes, Managing Director of CoreLogic Australia/New Zealand 

WHETHER IT’S ONLINE shop fronts, downloadable information or mobile apps, digital technology has progressively filtered its way into our lives, shaping the way that we connect, communicate and operate.

No sector is immune to its influence, and it is now commonplace in many industries to enable them to be smarter at marketing to existing and new customers.

While the thought of increasing digitalisation in the real estate space may rattle some of you, my advice would be: don’t fear digital. Instead, channel your efforts into determining how you can leverage it to enhance your service proposition and deliver value for your clients. In addition to valuable insights you will find on the following pages, here are three ideas:

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Lisa Claes

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