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Welcome to Real Estate Leadership Insights 01

Introduction by Alister Maple-Brown, CEO of Rockend

It has been a privilege for Rockend to be a part of the inaugural Transform PM program this year. This program provided four agencies with the opportunity to take a step back and analyse their business with the guidance and coaching of industry professionals. Over the nine weeks it has been fascinating to see how both the individuals and businesses have evolved, and during the next twelve months I believe their true transformation will begin. To conclude this experience, all participants came together for around table discussion.

Alister Maple-Brown

We centred our conversation on the lessons in the program, assessing the transformation of each agency and hypothesising the future challenges for each business. The outcomes and findings of this discussion are the basis of this publication, whichhighlight the key findings from the Transform PM program. While there were many themes which resonated with me from theround table discussion, here are my personal highlights from the program.


It is easy to be so caught up in our daily ‘business as usual’ activities that we don’t stop and evaluate whether we are operating in the best way for our business or customers. This was the most significant take-out from all the Transform PM agencies. By taking the time to look at the business from a bird’s-eye view, the principals could objectively evaluate and oversee the inner workings of their business. This allowed them to start developing short-term plans for improvement. In the nine-week time frame, principals had already seen some of the new strategies and processes taking effect, with team members responding to the change and breaking away from the way ‘things have always been done’.

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