Listen to podcasts, log your CPD and mark your favourites: Elite Agent launches a new app

Here we are, already in 2022, and if you haven’t downloaded Elite Agent’s new app, now’s the time to do it.

This app is a one-stop shop for savvy real estate agents, offering a wide range of features, and a place to keep all your favourites in the one place in the palm of your hand.

Perhaps most importantly, the Elite Agent app enables you to complete your CPD if you’re a Class 1 or Class 2 agent in New South Wales, or your elective CPD if you’re in the same category.

While you’re at it, you can keep track of your results, and keep on top of your progress.

Elite Agent managing editor Samantha McLean said the goal is to curate the best of the best content, and to allow agents to keep everything in the one place, in the palm of their hands.

“We’ve tried to make everything really easy to access in the one app,” Samantha says.

“And best of all you can take it with you everywhere you go.”

The app is fully customisable to the user; you can choose your favourites and save them to your own profile. Future versions of the app will allow you to connect with other agents doing similar roles or agents in similar locations.

Samantha said the App would enable agents to log their CPD progressively over the year, making notes as you go, and effectively creating a logbook for you to keep.

The Elite Agent app allows you to quickly access resources, content and courses on the go

The app includes a number of enhanced features for Elite Agent Pro members including

  • Quick access to full podcast videos and action guides
  • Access to back issues and issues of Extra
  • Access to pro member events (coming soon!)
  • Top trending articles for easy access

Samantha says there are more features coming soon.

Download the app here.

How to download and use the app

The app is available for smart phones and mobile devices, and can also be used on your desktop.

  1. To download the app directly to your mobile device, open your web browser and type in:

2. Then add the app to your home screen.

3. Click the app icon added to your home screen and enter your email address.

4. If you have previously completed a CPD course or other type of course with Elite Agent before, ensure you use the email address you entered on that occasion so the app can show certificates of work already completed.

5. Once you enter your email, a pin number will be sent to your email address.

6. Enter the pin number provided, and begin filling in your details. These are only required during the first sign-in.

7. The app then provides the option of being notified by SMS or email about new content, events offers and more.

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