The Trusted Agent podcast: Leanne Pilkington on overcoming fear and embracing the leader within

As Chief Executive Officer of Laing+Simmons and the former president of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, Leanne Pilkington is one of the best known names in the real estate industry. But that doesn’t mean the confidence to lead came to her naturally or easily.

Leanne freely admits, like many, she battled ‘impostor syndrome’, wondering whether she had the skills to lead, fearing what others would think, and listening to a niggling voice of doubt that whispered persistently in her head.

So how did Leanne overcome that doubt, embrace her natural talent and become the type of leader that many now aspire to emulate?

In this The Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, we hear about Leanne’s real estate journey – from starting in the industry in 1995 to becoming CEO of Laing+Simmons and why she decided to take on the position of President of REINSW.

We find out how she had to work tirelessly to improve herself as a person to be able to even consider taking on senior leadership roles that were both very public and put her in line for criticism.

Leanne explains the journey to becoming a leading figure in real estate is all about learning how to put yourself out there and deal with everything that comes along with it.

This podcast will be inspiring to all agents who are looking to run their own franchise, climb the corporate ranks or wanting to take on public leadership roles.

“There’s always plenty of things that can go wrong, but you’ve just got to be focused on the things that can go wrong that we can control because we can get really get too caught up in everything that can go wrong.” Leanne Pilkington

Sean and Leanne also discuss:

  • How to get comfortable not caring what other people think and how to deal with negative people and opinions in your life.
  • Understanding what ‘impostor syndrome’ is and how to overcome it as you climb through the ranks in business.
  • How Leanne is able to overcome fear and block out the negative voices in her head when she needs to make big decisions.
  • The importance of having an ‘if not me, then who?’ mentality if you want to be successful and grasp all the opportunities that present themselves in life.
  • Why having a like-minded community around you can help you overcome a crisis of consciousness.
  • Why people want to know the authentic you and the importance of setting your expectations early with clients and other business associates.
  • How to balance your life when your job is calling for a seven-day work week and you find yourself without any time for yourself.
  • Why you need to not only have shared values with your team but also communicate them to others.

And much, much more

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