Just start: Ryan Serhant on seizing the moment, global ambition, and the three pillars of building a real estate brand

Ryan Serhant is the architect of the most followed brand in the real estate world. In this exclusive Elevate podcast, the Million Dollar Listing NY star shares his tips on building a brand, building a team and where the Serhant. brand is headed next.

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Ryan Serhant…it’s a name synonymous with real estate success and one of the most followed brands in the world.

As a star of Million Dollar Listing New York, he has carved out a niche in the toughest real estate market on the planet, and is now going global with his newly-established brokerage Serhant.

So, what does it take to build a brand that is instantly recognisable, anywhere? And what drives Ryan to continually build his business with a self-professed aim of ‘utter world domination’?

In this exclusive Elevate podcast with Elite Agent managing editor Samantha McLean, Ryan explains the catalyst for his success, offering an insight into endurance, his refusal to settle for less, and his relentless ambition to win.

In addition to providing an insight into the man who is one of the world’s most recognisable agents, Ryan offers key tips on how to build your personal brand, the current trends in real estate, and why Serhant. is far more than a brokerage, but instead a content-to-commerce real estate platform.

He also takes a deep dive into how he selects the agents he works with, and why real estate success is all about ‘following up, following through, and following back’.

He notes when he started in the industry 13 years ago, he had little idea of the success he would achieve. But behind the scenes there has been a dedicated brand building strategy that involves understanding his core identity, creating consistent content, and building on previous success to develop a brand name that is recognised globally.

“Your brand is a lot more than just what you sell. Your brand has a lot to do with who you are as a person. And most of us are so ignorant to who we are. As humans we go our whole life thinking we’re somebody that we’re not,” Ryan Serhant 

Samantha and Ryan also discuss:

  • The three key pillars of building your personal brand, and why it’s about knowing how people think about you and defining the ‘and’ beyond real estate.
  • How to create consistent content that trends, keeps you top of mind, shouts your success from the mountain-top and builds a media presence.
  • Why Ryan launched Serhant. in the middle of a pandemic and how the risk that many believed was crazy has already paid off.
  • What Ryan looks for in the agents he works with, how he assists them create their own brand, and why he’s committed to ensuring they are surrounded by greatness.
  • Why Serhant. is so much more than a brokerage, and instead has a focus on content that attracts real estate salespeople and the people who need salespeople.
  • What Ryan believes Serhant. will achieve in the future, how it involves ‘utter world domination’ and why he’s not afraid to think big.
  • Why Ryan has a photo in his office which is aged to depict him at 80, and how this helps keep him on track
  • How quiet persistence and consistent follow-up have paid huge dividends in his career.
  • How Ryan and his team handle leads and manage vendor expectations when the name Serhant. is on the door of the brokerage.

    And much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.