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Trent Shorland: How should I react when someone in my team makes a mistake?

PM Transform 2018 Highlights: Trent Shorland of Harcourts Adelaide Hills explains that everyone makes mistakes, and why it's important to be understanding when someone in your office makes an error.


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One of the things I try to do is I always make myself feel like it’s okay to make mistakes, you know, we’re all going to make mistakes along the way but don’t make them feel bad about them.

Obviously, we all make poor decisions, myself included, along the way but I think it’s important that when someone makes a decision and it may not be the right one is you don’t, I guess you didn’t hate them or make them feel like it’s the end of the world.

It’s really just a decision that we could have gone one or two ways. You may have just didn’t go one way probably if it wasn’t the right one – let’s fix it and move on. I guess where those tough decisions come in is when that person continues to make the wrong choices, but that probably stems right back to when you employ somebody.

Those decisions when you employ someone and you really need to feel like they’ve got the right ideals behind them and generally speaking we’ve been very fortunate in that position where we’ve employed people with the right manners and the right ideals. Generally speaking, they’ll make the right call you on the way.

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